I'm Jeremiah George. Mostly known as McTricky online, and various places. Music, video games, anime, manga, piano, and blogging anime. Those are my hobbies~ I'm a budding video game musician, and I'm currently doing a Music Production for Media degree course at Ravensbourne.

My style tends to revolve around orchestral instruments and I make a lot of fast-paced music. Nobuo Uematsu is my inspiration for being a video game musician. Yoko Shimomura and Motoi Sakuraba are my musical influences.
Palasiel Quest
Palasiel Quest is a fun, thrilling adventure featuring 5 young people who wind up a long, long way from home!


Jeremiah George - Orchestral JRPG Composer for hire!

Hello, all! My name is Jeremiah George. I go by McTricky around the internet sometimes. I am an independent video game composer, and have been composing for almost 10 years. My main style of music is orchestral and I particular excel in composing action/battle pieces for RPG-style games, though I am capable of composing in other styles and situations to fit your RPG. My music is often compared to Yoko Shimomura's style, too. I work from my home studio and usually work efficiently and quickly for clients.

I use Logic Pro X to compose my music and Adobe Audition to edit audio. I have sample libraries and plugins such as Kontakt, Spitfire Audio Albion, 8dio, Impact Soundworks, iZotope and Waves products at my disposal.

I'm able to compose music with a clear tone and story in mind, and I can have it prepared in whichever format you wish to fit your game's needs (including loopable copies for RPG Maker VX Ace/MV).

My rates are available upon request, and are different for non-commercial and commercial projects. I can work within a budget so long as it is reasonable to me!

I have composed and arranged over 100 pieces and I have an extensive portfolio of work. I have a YouTube channel with 11,000 subscribers where I arrange existing video game, anime, and TV music into orchestral action renditions.

Some of you may have heard of/played Lakria Legends. I was the sole music composer for the whole game, which took home many Misaos awards including Game of the Year, and Best Sound/Music.

Below you can find samples of my work for different scenarios for an RPG.

RPG Action/Battle Music

RPG Town/Village Music

RPG Field/Dungeon Music

RPG Event/Cutscene Music

Alternatively, you can listen to a 12-minute reel of all the music I composed in the past year.

The best way to get in contact with me is via my email which is

I'd also be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to working with you all!

Boss Series

Hey, guys it's McTricky.

I've been composing some battle themes and recently and I thought I'd get some expert opinions on my boss themes. I'm making four boss themes, but I've made 3 so far.

Boss I ~Without Remorse~

Boss II ~Fateful Encounter~

Boss III ~Eternal Conflict~

Union Battle ~Vehement Coalition~

This was kinda experimental. I was trying out a different time signature and mixing different tempos. It goes from a 130 BPM 5/4 time sig to a 160 BPM 4/4 time sig.



Hey, guys it's McTricky!

A piano-driven piece I made. This is a character theme for Serene, a character in my game. It's called Loveless because Serene once loved someone but that person betrayed her love so, Serene has now become "loveless" meaning that she has no love for anyone anymore. Tell me what you think!:P

Loveless ~Serene's Theme~



FFVIII Boss Playthrough

I don't know if this is the right section but anyway I'm starting an FFVIII boss playthrough on YouTube. This is my second playthrough. I'll be posting videos of bosses here along with a general guide.

NOTE: Is there anyway I can post youtube videos on a post instead of linking to the youtube site itself?

Ifrit -

[RESOURCE]Elohim's Ballad

This is a MIDI I created yesterday called Elohim's Ballad. (Named for the sake of my RMXP project.) I wanna share this a resources since we don't have a musical resource section here.;11276321;/fileinfo.html

MIDI Resources

How would I submit a MIDI resource? All I see in the category section are graphic-based resources.

Top Ten Final Fantasy Boss Themes

Okay, so I know some of you don't like any Final Fantasies after FFX. Well, here's a topic to discuss about your favourite Final Fantasy boss themes. Me being the lazy git I am, instead of typing it down, I'll give y'all a video I made a long while ago.

Eternal Genesis [DEMO]

Eternal Genesis

Welcome to the Eternal Genesis project thread.

This is my first actual project that I want to work on, and I plan on making it to the best of my ability. I've been working on this game since September 07.

In a world that was almost destroyed into oblivion during the Elemental War 1000 years ago, humanity in the world of Ascensia has finally returned and everyone has gotten back to they're normal lives. The story follows a man named Emerson as he embarks on an adventure after being resurrected by a girl called Amalia Winters, whom he meets at Valchita University. Emerson has a virus called Genocitis. It's a deadly disease that has no effect on him until 15 days later at which he will die if it's not treated. Unfortunately for him, there is no known cure for the Genocitis. But that's not going to stop Emerson. Emerson and his best friend David embark on a journey to find the cure within 15 days. But when he sets out Amalia is kidnapped and Emerson goes to save her. But his reckless actions leads to her sad fate. Now, Emerson is even more determined to find the cure to help everyone he holds dear and save the world from becoming non-existent.

The Story In A Nutshell
Genesis. The first element to ever exist in our planet Ascensia.
Revalation. The last element thought to have been vanished 100 years ago.
These two elements fused together would create an element so powerful, it could change the face of the universe forever.


Emerson is a young man who lives a normal life. Just like everybody elses. But all that changes when Emerson goes on a field exam and finds a wierd plant in the forest and takes it back with him.

The field exam mission was to find a plant that will fuse with one of the preset plants back at the base, to make a life spell.

Emerson manages to bring back the plant known as the Genesip Plant.

There are one two Genesip Plants in Ascensia. One is kept in the Florana Forest. This one is gravely dangerous. The other one is kept in the Tahoma Ruins, and that one's effects still remain a mystery.


Emerson passes his field exam with flying colours for bringing in a very rare plant and making a life spell of the Genesis Element.

And that's just the start of his problems...

Here are the characters to my game. There are 8 characters, each with their own story.

Name: Emerson Noyes
Age: 21
Element: Fire
Weapon of Choice: Sword
Name of Weapon: Infernal Sabre/Sky Diviner
Class: Swordist/Sword Duelist
Art Ability: Swordsmanship
Bio: Emerson Noyes is just like every other 21-year old dude. Goes to a special training camp, has a job and, really...he's just living the normal life. But all that changes when he mysteriously catches a disease called Genocitis, a deadly diesease that gives him 15 days to treat it, or else, he dies. Emerson is cheerful person and always puts other people ahead of himself, making him a selfishless person. A cheeky, encouraging person who sometimes has a tendancy to not saying what he means.

"Time to get your battle game on!"

Name: David Romero
Age: 22
Element: Ice
Weapon of Choice: Gun
Name of Weapon: Racqt Rifle
Class: Marksman
Art Ability: Bulletcraft
Bio: David Romero likes to be the "carefree" one. David Romero has been friends with Emerson Noyes since they were 12 years old. Being a ladies' man, with great sharpshooting skills, where could jis life possibly go wrong? The point at when someone is killing off his family, one by one. David tags along with Emerson on his adventure to find clues about the mysterious murders of his family.

"Keep talking like that, and I'll be forced to put a bullet in your head."

Name: Bryan Lasker
Age: 34
Element: Earth
Weapon of Choice: Unarmed
Class: Fighter
Command Abilty: Blitz
Bio: Having just escaped from a terrible experiment that lost him his arm, Bryan Lasker is on a rampage. He seeks revenge on the person who did this to him, but with only a name to go by, it will be one of the most difficult challenges of his life. Bryan isn't a friendly person and usually picks fights with Emerson because Bryan thinks he doesn't need anyone else. But after Emerson saves his life, Bryan starts to co-operate with the group.

"I don't care what happens to me. As long as I still have this arm, I'm already dead."

Name: Marcos Dennis
Age: 19
Element: Thunder
Weapon of Choice: Drill
Name of Weapon: Dynamo Drill
Class: Mechanic
Command Abilty: Build
Bio: Marcos Dennis is criminal mastermind, or at least, that's what the locals say he is. Marcos in in jail for a crime he did not commit. He knows that. Emerson knows that. Why? Because he was there. Emerson was a witness but was held at gunpoint by a mysterious man, to keep his mouth shut. Now, Marcos must either serve his life sentence or desperately find a way out. Marcos is a cheeky, michieveious character who likes to build things out of anything he finds. He's hoping that with his trusty that he made not long before escaping from prison he can overcome any challenges as he searches for the person who framed him.

"I didn't kill his brother. That's all I know. This conspiracy even bewilders me."

Name: Valerie Skene
Age: 20
Element: Water
Weapon of Choice: Lance/Spear
Name of Weapon: Krazir
Class: Lancet <---Not a typo
Art Ability: Dragon Arts
Bio: Valerie Skene is really smart. But it's not her fault she turned out that way. Valerie comes from a rich family and she hates the rich, noble, formal life. Valerie wants to break away from that life. She also wants to find someone who can help her with a big project.

"I don't care what people think of me. Knowledge is power."

Name: Serene Auger
Age: 21
Element: Darkness
Weapon of Choice: Sycthe/Sickle
Name of Weapon: Lamentation
Class: Dynamist
Command Abilty: Lament
Bio: Serene is the quiet one. She almost never allows herself to be influenced by Miya's hype and usually keeps herself to herself. Serene lets her sycthe do all the talking. Serene's mysterious past remain secret to the rest of the group. Serene is an enigmatic character who doesn't like sharing what's on her mind unless it benefits her and the group.

"It doesn't matter whether you're alive or you're dead. Once you cross over to the Realm of Eternal Darkness, there's no turning back."

Name: Miya Kanzaki
Age: 16
Element: Wind
Weapon of Choice: Katana/Kunai
Name of Weapons: Shanghai/Kamikaz
Class: Ninja
Art Ability: Ninjustu
Bio: As young as she is, Miya Kanzaki is a very fast and skill fighter. Miya usually hangs out with Serene which is almost hard to believe since they have got nothing in common. Miya tends to show Serene's bright side because of her carefree and tender-hearted nature.

"You know my mother!? Please tell me where she is! I miss her..."

Name: Celestine "Celes" Hernandes
Age: 21
Element: Genesis
Weapon of Choice: Bracelets
Name of Weapon: Kierbek
Class: Life Magist
Command Abilty: Majik
Bio: Celestine Hernandes is the chosen one. She holds the Genesis element. She also holds the cure for the Genocitis, which makes her Emerson's biggest priority. Celestine comes from the same town as Emerson, but she doesn't remember a thing because she is under control.

"The strength of the the heart comes from the soundness of the faith."

Name: Amalia Winters
Age: 21
Element: Holy
Weapon of Choice: Sword
Name of Weapon: Sky Diviner
Class: Paladin
Art Ability: Holy Arts
Bio: Amalia is a new student to Valchita University. When she finds herdelf lost, she happens to come across Emerson, and asks for his help to guide her around the University.

Name: Hatchet Barons
Age: 22
Element: Thunder
Weapon of Choice: Claws
Name of Weapon: Raizan
Class: ????
Command Ability: Scratch
Bio: Hatchet is in Emerson's class and sees him as a friendly rival. He can be very mischievious at times, thus earning him the reputation his has now.

Name:Eisen Gaia
Age: 22
Element: Earth
Weapon of Choice: Unarmed
Name of Weapon: Gaia Impact
Class: Fighter
Command Ability: Fight
Bio: Eisen Gaia is Hatchet's best friend. Though he doesn't speak much his silence speak many words to Hatchet. He believes in justice and often sides with Emerson when doing things that will benefit other people.

Name: Metra Sylar
Age: 21
Element: Matrix
Weapon of Choice: Sword w/ Rope
Name of Weapon: Oval Sword
Class: Swordslinger
Command Ability: Control
Bio:Before Amalia arrived, Metra Sylar was the only female in the gang of Emerson, David, Hatchet and Eisen. She seems to fit in quite well with them given her tomboy-ish nature. She may be a girl but she soon proves to them that she's tough and one not to be messed with. Metra harnesses the Matrix element which allows her to bend space and time to her liking.

Name: Mateus Noyes
Age: 16
Element: Fire
Weapon of Choice: Sword
Name of Weapon: Noble Arc
Class: Swordist
Art Ability: Swordsmanship
Bio: Mateus Noyes is Emerson younger brother to was killed 2 years ago during a riot at Valchita University. Mateus had high hopes for himself as he dreamed of being a hero. Mateus is a playable character in some dream sequences.

Name: Lily Mateus
Age: 16
Element: Wind
Weapon of Choice: Guitar
Name of Weapon: Sonata Artica
Class: Musician
Art Ability: Sonata
Bio: Lily Artica is a free-spirited, but curious young girl, who is also Mateus' best friend. She's a musician and likes to perform to Mateus because he likes her music. Although she is physically weak, her faith keeps her strong and builds a weapon out of her guitar.

Name: Kagetsu Aichi
Age: 16
Element: Nova
Weapon of Choice: Rapier
Name of Weapon: Piu Grave (due for a name change)
Class: Fencer
Command Ability: Touché
Bio: Kagetsu Aichi harnesses the Nova element, allowing her to possess spiritual energy and see spiritual beings. Joins Mateus and Lily before their Preliminary Exam.

The Command & Art Abilities Explained:
Art: Arts are ablilties that can only be used inside of battle. People who have Art abilities can enhance their stats and gain new skills by completing certain sidequest set for that character.

EXAMPLE: Emerson has the Swordsmanship Art. Emerson recieves a sidequest to train with a father's son to help grow stronger. You succeed in doing that and you learn a new skill or enhance your stats.

Command: Commands are abilities that can be used both inside battle and outside on the field. When near certain objects the player must press a key to activate that person's Command Ability. This can be used to proceed through a dungeon or something.

EXAMPLE: Metra's Control command is able to halt the movements of Guards or monsters to help you sneak by without getting noticed. Just press the "Q" key when prompted.

Eternal Genesis OST

Hey, people it's M.T. I'm working on a project called Eternal Genesis. Basically, I have 4 people working on music including me.

I just wanna share with you some of my music from it.

The Art of Eternity - By McTricky
This is the main theme of Eternal Genesis, and it's the first track I've ever composed.

Get Serious - By McTricky

This is a theme for a cutscene and a battle.

Between Time - By McTricky
This is a battle theme I made on a program I'm unexperienced with, but it still turned out OK. It is an abstract battle theme with wierd noises and bits of orchestra.

Metallic Clash - By McTricky
This is a battle theme that is used in a facility or a technology lab and the party is escaping after being caught by a large security bot.

Epic Galactica
This is an abstract battle theme that takes place in space.

He's come....

I'm not good at writing long stuff about me but anyway...

My name is McTricky. I prefer M.T, or Tricky. I live in Great Britain, in the East side of London in the ghetto parts. I'm 15 years old and I attend secondary school, studying Music, Media Studies and Graphic Design.

I first started with RMXP. I got word of RMXP from a boy named Sagar (we call him Sega for the fun of it even though it's pronounced the same.) That day after school I went home and downloaded the program straight away. I was surprised at the simple layout of the program and I got used to the thing quite quickly. I made an 1hr RPG called Terror's Tale which featured me and some of my friends. It sucks. Seriously. I didn't even know how to use mapping layers properly. I then started working on another game called Trick Fantasy which also featured me and some friends. That was much better than the other one but had some technical errors and mapping issues. So I scrapped that. From then I started working on loads of different RPGs just for the sake of it, Urban Myth, Ultimate Legacy, Empire of Fate. And then I began writing a story and that story was the birth of Eternal Genesis, the project I now have a demo on. I've used RMVX for about 10mins until I got bored and I've managed to make a sweet 1hr game on RM2k3.

I'm an Eventer & Musician. I play the piano. I've been playing piano for about 5 years. I've never taken piano lessons before but I make good music. I use Sonar 7.0 (with VST plugins) at home and Cubase SX at the studio. Can't think of anything else to I'll just leave it at that.

EDIT: I also noticed that Guess That Game is also here. I started the topic on Creation Asylum and Angel Spire.
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