The Way EP 1

also that RTPe.exe problem is seroisly making my head hurt because i already download pretty much all the RTP stuff on the offical site already but it keep pooping up like wtf am i supposed to do RPG maker game may be easy to make but it sure as hell isnt easy to find and play that for sure.

The Way EP 1

hmmm the clear type it doesnt seem to affect the game at all maybe because i already set the font patch to the game already? and also EasyRPG Player i cant find the game it said it need to be in direct sub directionary and also have some file came with it but the game all i saw is one exe file so how the hell can i do this?

The Way EP 1

man is there no way to enjoy this game without my eye bleeding? whoever came up with that awful default font need to check their eye

Shattered Hourglass

pls pls pls help me im missing the final sliver token it label XV i try to find a guide but most guide just list random order of thing so i cant remember which one i didnt collect and im not up to wasting time checking 20 area

Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

Yeah if only ☺️

Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

while i have alot of idea i have zero clue about coding plus im terrible with level design and im even worse with balancing.

Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

i dont say implement ALL of my idea lol but some variety is nice too finding a slightly bigger stick everytime with slightly higher stat get old quick and with 16 fricking character you cant customize everyone to be efficent at other job so you need specialize item not generalize item like a straigth stat boost.

Also all the physical type class pretty much boil down to who has the biggest stat stick which make their gimmick a non factor unless it boost their stat further.All the hero basically almost the same beside a few spell and 1 unquie skill and even then some of those skill are just other class skill but reshuffle.

Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

Ok here are some equipment idea but firstly you should read the overall game change to have abit of context:

_Dead man plate:A armor that charge up your mag and atk and once you use a damaging attack it consume the charge and you deal increase damage based on the ammount of charge up to 4x but the catch is it ONLY charge when your ATB bar is not full so this can reward slower but hard hitting character.

_Cleansing idol:It a weaker version of the immunity idol,what this does is weaken some the status effect/debuff you get:(in addition to +20 all stat)
+Potent posion->posion(Potent posion take away % of your health every turn)
+Posion->Quater(the weaker version of demi)
+Deep wound->Bleed(Deep wound make healing 50% less effective and bleed damage you at a much faster rate than potent poison but less damage)

_Buff idol:Make buff last 2 more turn and make debuff last 1 less turn(buff/debuff max is 50%)

_Elemental sword: Randomly switch element(you can visually see it to make it less random)

_Leader ring:When ever a teammate goes a turn your ATB bar go up by 25%(also give 50 attack and magic)

_Maschoist fist:More damage the more status effect/debuff you have(immune to damage debuff)has no base attack but every status give you 50 atk.

_Shield block:Block set ammount of damage that scale with level(starting at 15 and gain 2 every level)really good for squshy character.

_Auto heal shell:Everytime you get below 30%HP you get fully heal once per battle(+60 Armor)

_HP boost:Give 200+5% curent HP.

_Friendship badge:If you equip this and other party switch to your party then your party will get a random buff.

_First strike blade:Everytime you attack a new target your attack gain 25% bonus damage.

_Risky Amulet:You take 50% more damage but heal for 90% of damage taken.

_Signal ring:Beep when you are near a diggable area.

_Item Up:All item use by you now gain 50% effectiveness.

_Atk up/Def dow:lose 50% Def for 25% atk and mag boost.

_Undershirt:Gain a shield that block damage once if your HP drop to 1,this shield can be activate infintely.

_Adapted helmet:If you get hit majorly by physical damage gain physical shield that last for few turn if you get hit mostly with magic gain mag shield for a few turn.Both shield have a HP value that enemy can destroy.

_Soul stealer stone:Gain bonus atk/mag if you kill an enemy,reset when you die and you take 10% more damage.

_Mimic hat:Add the skill "Mimic" which repeat the last action use by enemy or by teammate but use your stat instead.

Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

WTF the final boss is literally impossible out of nowwhere even the boss before it is a joke compare to it,i get that the fina boss is suppose to be tough and a difficulty spike to the rest of the time but this goes too far he way faster than even speedup character,have 3 attack in 1 turn and can even be heal 9999 randomlly and because there no more enemy and shop at this point if let say a newcommer come to the final battle with a lv 35 team no class upgrade or do any side quest and they save after beating the penultimate boss they are literally softlocked.

Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

Ok before tommorow doing the final dungeon can u tell me where the blue elf stone is? i dont care about the reward i just want the dungeon location
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