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Man. This is absolutely incredible. You're doing some really great work for real. I can't wait to play more!


Really amazing atmosphere :)



Alive and kicking!

Great redesign!

Wait... Ummm... Well this is gonna be awkward when they find out....

Alive and kicking!

Woo!! Personally, I love the new Bev :)

Our Dark Heart

Forgot to post here, but the lighting and smoothness of everything here... oh my goodness. It's so fricking good. The tension? Stellar. The mood? Heckin' good. Finding that note in the attic? Made me want to pull my hair out. But still, very good. So smooth, and the shooting mechanism? Winning. Play this game? Heckin' definitely. I really really want to see where this game goes in future, from the creator of Fey, they're back with a vengeance and they deserve your eyes. Let's see where this one goes <3

I'm so happy you liked it! :)

Nihilo - Definitive Demo Trailer

Yes! this is looking so awesome, man!
Thanks, big homie!
Hope y'all give the demo a try!

For sure man! I've recently switched to Mac so I'm gonna have to see if I can get it running with Parallels. I'm super stoked for this, though man. You really capture that sort of Chrono Trigger era very, very well! Been waiting years for something like Nihilo. You better finish it! :P

Nihilo - Definitive Demo Trailer

Yes! this is looking so awesome, man!

Nihilo - Official Demo V1.0.3 (05-06-2021) **

I was recently really wanting to play this again so this is perfect! I'll try to get around to it this weekend maybe an I'll get back to you with my thoughts! :D


I can honestly say, after having played the game many times, it honestly looks really great with the stretching. Feels natural and it's actually really weird playing it without it haha