Prom Dreams: A High School Love Story

I played this game and I really enjoyed it. A few things I really like to point out:

- The mixture beetween love story and horror is exactly what I looked for as I found this game. I found what I was searching and it was better than I thought.

- Your system of horror. I am honest I played many horror games and read creepy stories as well. I hadn't had shivers down the spine like this before since... well... for a long time ago. Short "stealthy" horror events which became more awefull with time are much better than a monster which is chasing you.

- The multilingual dialoques sometimes. It is a school right? And the pupils learn foreign languages right? And I was so satisfied as someone suddenly talked my native language haha.

- The endings. Really you did a good job with all three endings. I absolutely hate these endings where everyone is happy and everything is wonderful.

You put a lot of love (and also hate :-) ) in this game. I'd like to play more games like this.

Living the Nightmare

Pokemon-Themed Environment combined with elements of horror. I like the way you think. Secondly the mapping was good. Maps were designed solide. I would like to point out the music you chose and the idea itself of nightmare.
Things you can improve:
Some text boxes and events repeat in some areas and that does not suit to the situation. You should take care about that. Additionaly you could do more events which have impacts on the ending or further events. Like a puzzle game for instance with Pokemon items.
The experience of horror could be improved by being more sneakier and more unpredictable. You are on the best way to do that.

All in all I really enjoyed your pokemon game. I liked it and I would be appreciated when you create more Horror Pokemon Games like that. :D Good job

Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages

Awesome game people.

It was something...different. I really like the story and the plot twists.
Sometimes there were no possibility to return to Toad Town or to level a bit. If you are underleveled and have to fight against a boss, who is... overpowered. It was really frustrating.

But all in all a very awesome game and I enjoyed it. Keep it up guys.

Joseph's Farm

Very cool game. Awesome puzzles and great scenes.

I would like to point out, that the title of the game makes me curious. The showed images did not fit to the name of the game. Nice!

But to be honest, I do not get the story. There are many questions left, especially at the end of the game. Did you make a complete Story with all hints put together?
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