Not dead at all.


ErikHolland: Yes. Good point. But in the scene she just got out of the chair and stepped left before talking to the protagonist. But you can't see that just from the screenshot.


Cinderspark: I don't write American English. Part personal taste, and part because the game takes place in Britain.


Doesn't she mean ''soap opera''? Or is she literally talking about a soap you wash your hands with. Also, what's that camera at the top?

Soap is short for soap opera. The camera only indicates that there is a cutscene going on.


mawk: Maybe. Or a different name for each playthrough.

Gourd_Clae: It's an unfinished stand. Yes, it looks a bit odd at the moment. And I will have to scout your cheese site for a while. :)


Of course! :)

Everwind DevBlog #15 - Mouse merchant and entrepeneur

I see. Sadly, I know nothing about Chicken Run, so that reference means nothing to me. But Fetcher is a nice name nonetheless. :)


Yes. The symmetry is something I will be working on. This dungeon is still a work in progress and needs polishing. Also, the shadows have been removed.

The fog effect is animated and looks much better in game than in a screenshot.

Thank you for the feedback.

Everwind DevBlog #14 - New dungeon

Thank you for you feedback. Game balance is the ever creeping lurker on my shoulder while crafting a game. You make a valid point about consumables. At this point, consumables cannot be bought in shops, but must rather be crafted using items found around the map and dropped by enemies. This crafting skill must be trained in order to make better consumables, training that costs gold. Ultimately, you never know how well balanced a system is until you've played your game from start to finish.

Bahamut - Between Light and Shadow

I wrote a review of your game. It's pending and will probably be up in not too long.