Quicksave Command

It may be late to note, but I am both Cryranos and Metatron, depending on which forum I post.

Paper Knight's Story

I've just looked your stuff over and I have to say that it's absolutely adorable.

Keep it up, and get me something to play NAO.

Secret content: How hidden is too hidden?

Too hidden in my eyes:When you have to edit the game or cheat just to get the item. There are some items that may be beta, and sure they aren't part of the game anymore, but I feel they should count. If you make an item, don't waste it! If it works about the same as the most powerful item in the game, don't take it out! If you need more space to put the item in, that's the only time you should take it out.
Did you hear that there is a summon in Kingdom Hearts 2 that if you cheat to get it, it crashes the game? Yeah...don't ever take stuff out unless you REALLY REALLY need to take it out, or else your game will not work, or your parents are threatened of murder for some reason because of it. If it's because you don't know how to program it, get someone else to do it, or get out of the game developing business now.

What ARE you talking about? Are you trying to say that if we put something into our game, we should never ever take it out? If we make stuff to facilitate playtesting and debugging, we should never ever take it out and that we should make it available to the player even if it breaks the balance?

Dummied-out or removed content absolutely does NOT count as hidden content. It counts as stuff that was taken out of the game. Hot coffee was not "hidden content". It was something that was dummied out of the game. The developer's room in the original translation of Final Fantasy IV (FFII) was not "hidden content". It was something that was removed from the game.

RTP NPCs vs. Custom NPCs vs. Ripped NPCs

I'd say that ripped npcs are a no-no unless they really fit (thus all of your other graphics might have to be ripped as well).

Unity of style is kind of more important to me than how good the style is (unless it's absolutely terrible). If it's consistent, then I don't really care where your resources come from.

That goes for just about every aspect of the experience, really.


I think that Phylomortis was a troll of epic proportions and somewhere, RPG Advocate is reveling in the glory of the collective aneurysm he bestowed upon the RPG Maker community.

Dance of the Immortals Review

Well, with the surr/cheef, if that floats your boat. It didn't really affect my scoring, anyway.

I don't know what it is about it, but I very much felt like it was going to get better. That may have affected your score a little.

We'll see if you deserve it once I see the finished project~!


Despite the insurmountable difficulty curve as well as the sesquipedalian loquaciousness of Psycho-Political Drama Phylomortis: Avant-Garde, I found that digital plaything to be quite a lot more adept at appeasing my taste for entertainment than its immediate predecessors due to the fact that its systems were infinitely more fine-tuned and polished, and despite its squalid visual appeal and its comically mismatched auditory accompaniment were severely lacking in their ability to appease my optical and aural senses. However, I also found that my short experience with Psycho-Political Drama Phylomortis 2: Triumvirate of Dystopia may have also been a rewarding, if not somewhat unnerving and frustrating, one had I elected to see that tome through to its completion.

What is up with all the NAMES people come up with for their games?

Sometimes people think it's better to have an attention-catching title than for the title to be the most appropriate for their work. Or it can be an artistic statement.

I have a friend who wants to write a Mozartian symphonic piece and name it the most vulgar title she can think of.

I, however, always try to make my game titles appropriate to the game without them being boring, which can be difficult depending on how developed the story is, and how well it is geared towards a not-dull title.

It's a balance.

Eyy, kids.

Everyone is either kid, qrrl, or sir to me. Don't take it too seriously~

Dance of the Immortals

I find the game pretty good. I've only played a bit so far, and I like it, except for some recurrent spelling mistakes and the fact that it's VERY easy to get pushed into the fire by the first imperial, which spells instant death. In the sewers after taking control of your character, I found it INCREDIBLY easy to get stuck when jumping between platforms. I quit out of frustration the third time it happened.
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