Tales of Ágaris - Full Game


Tales of Agaris - Full Game

Heroes of Time

A bug. After I releas rion, airrplane stays tucked in top of cace and cannot move

well, I will fix it quickly

Heroes of Time

A few bugs found in the first minutes:
You can walk into environment...looks sometimes funny. If you don't talk to the girl
and enter her house you are back to your starting room.
Never ever do the upload with an .exe file....forced me to try this in a sandbox.

I wrote this down and will make the necessary corrections. Thanks.

But what about not upload with an exe.file? do you mean a compress with .zip or .rar?

Heroes of Time

sudden death. there were very few battles in the long time from the ship to the capital city where the king is, so when a boss suddenly appeared there it wiped out my entire party on the first turn. Also when i went into the desert village after defeating the boss in the pyramid, I had to do the entire pyramid scene and boss fights again because there is no actual way to exit the desert village without having the cutscene exit the village for you. The story is generic but pretty funny, but i dont want to grind to advance past that boss if there are more major bugs like the one in the desert village. Hope this helps.

Witch is the version of your game? This bug was fixed on the lastest version that is already avaiable, the v19.5.

Thank you for the feedback by the way.


The trees under the canopy tiles should all be the same height if they share the same canopy. You're also missing the bottom-right tree tile under that canopy piece.

Thanks for the tip. I'm not the best mapper xD but I tried


Did you mean to write 'dizzy'?

For one letter hehe

Yeah, it was like "dizzy"

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Excellent!! thank you!! :D

Let's work on your game descriptions!

And here is the second game of mine, Heroes of Time:


The year is 2130. The world lives in a time of peace, where robots designed for security assist the police in every situation. However, Agaris city is terrified by an attack by a scientist called Aizack protected by 3 incredibly strong robots that help him steal fuel from the research center, fighting the security troops. This fuel is what he needs so he can travel back in time with the machine he built. The scientist aims to distort reality and make an ideal world for him. More precisely, to go back 1000 years ago. He intends to take the princess's necklace, whose powers are capable of summoning extremely powerful demons, but which over time has been deteriorated and destroyed. All this in the middle of the year 1130, coincidentally in the year that Gorgos emerged from the depths and installed chaos and destruction around the world.

However, still in the present, Henzo, Willie, and Lenna discover the scientist's plans and decide to follow him to protect the story lived until now.

A lot is yet to come in the story. Some characters from the past will join the team to help them, villains who have nothing to do with it will come and mess things up, and more.


In this game, you will make CHOICES to don't distort the timeline so that the future isn't affected.
PS: the multiple ends of the game are the result of what you chose to do during your journey. It may be good or not.

The game gives you choices from the beginning to the end of the game. You choose the destiny of the future since the game has multiple different endings. Which will be yours?

Songs played
Scar's Time - Chrono Cross
Battle Themes of FFII, FFIII and FFV


- Frontal battle system
- YEA - Core System,
- YEA Battle Engine
- YEA Victory Aftermatch
- Galv's Menu Themes
- Galv's Equip level up

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Two of my games was denied.

Here is the description I put in one of them, Tales of Ágaris


A game completely linked to another game of mine, the "Heroes of Time". Tales of Ágaris occurs in the past of Heroes of Time.

In Tales of Ágaris we will live the events that occurred in the middle age, whose is shown in Heroes of Time


Rumors speculate that a frightening being would emerge soon. And indeed, just as it was written by religious, Gorgos, the most fearsome demon in hell, would arise. But this will not happen by chance. Lars, a member of the grimfur king's elite soldiers, will greatly help Gorgos' resurgence. However, three king soldiers performing missions for world peace is established in Ágaris and other kingdoms of the world. One of the missions is to try to revive Rion, with whom King Grimfur has confidence and faith to be resurrected and compose the army in dark times as at the present time. The fate of the planet is in the hands of our heroes so that evil does not hover over us, and we can live for another 1000 years (where occurs Heroes of Time's events)


A sample game, with a sample history and a sample battle system(yanfly), but with a special meaning, whose is the link to another game in the same universe.
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