OK, why would anyone make a game work like this? Just, why?

Oh, and there is a ton of typos there. And the enemies are still speaking in Polish even if English language is selected.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Thanks for your help.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

author=Your submission, Psychotronik, was denied. Reason was: "Description needs work. Paste it in the thread linked below and the people there will help you fix it up a bit:".

Hi everyone I am artist of a game called psychotronik. This is one of my last posts, so I'm going to take the opportunity to talk some more about the setting of this the description:

Alien’s gene got handed in the hands of Earthlings. Modified in special terms, it was embedded into a specially grew projects, implying in them an absolute obedience.
Though, was it really so..?

Through the power failure, projects are getting out out of incubators. You are impersonating one of them - of the one which demonstrated high properties PSY. Getting out of the laboratory is becoming the first main purpose. Through the entire game a man which employed everything will be chasing us. He will do everything in order to liquidate you.

The game features:
- The gameplay consists of solving simple logic puzzles and survival.
- Introduction to the game and learning control (Training mode).
- Action challenging a strategic move.
- The gameplay based on the statistics character. (Strength, stamina, intellect)
- Hand crafted custom paint pixel art graphic.
- Contractual plot and characters.
- Dynamic Industrial Music.
- Custom Menu.
- Custom Item System.
- Custom ABS (inspired by God of War :P)
- Simple Puzzles. (Computer, Closed door, moving boxes, buttons, levers, etc.).
- Traps!
- Bosses.
- Abattoir Gameplay (Blood!).
- Options (music volume, sound volume, avatar, cloud txt, language, map's).
- 3 difficulties level.
- short scenes and dialogues.
- 40 + map's without unnecessary elements.
- Half open world - You can go back to map001.
- Futuristic City (Progress game to open buildings).
- Animated elements of the interface (computer cabinets).
- Interface Avatar & Character Creator.
- Dark Humor.
- Anime Design.

-Andromeda-Trip To Space
-Miza Arc North - Dark Space
-Der Seargant - Elektrotrieb
-Anthracitic Moths – Shagom Marsh (Sleetgrout Mix)
-Brutal Industrial Drum and Bass 2013 - Machina Cult - (FL Studio 10)
-Mark Leanings vs. Space Rockerz & Tania Zygar - Whatever Happens In Puzzle Piece (John O'Callaghan Mashup)
-Wynardtage - Solitude
-PSYCLON NINE parasitic
(RMXP, RM2k,, anonymous authors)

Genre: Slasher RPG
Language: eng/pl
Engine: Rpg Maker XP
Graphic: Xpero
Plot/dialogues: Xpero
Mapping: Xpero
System: Xpero
Scrypts: (Zeriab Anti Event Lag System Version 1.2b)
Translated: (5pm)
Helps: (X-Tech)
End Game Animation: (Akira, Dragon Ball Z)
End Game Photo: (Nasa, google)
Inspiration: Terminator I & II, Akira, Pokemon Red & Crystal, God of War I & II, Monster, GTA V, Груз 200, Full Metal Alchemist, Kill bill.
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