Midori Fragments is an Italian team, founded by Umi Nagisa, which is creating indie horror/mystery RPGs.

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A Timeless Story
Lysander has stopped aging as a result of events that have inextricably tied him to a specific occurrence in his past. But what if you could go back and change that event?



A Timeless Story

Hi I used to play this game.
it has been about 3 years(?) since I first played.
Now I just want to play again.
This story inspired me too much to be a game developer major in the future.

This is one of the nicest things someone has ever told me, really. ;;
Sorry for the late answer, and I'm happy you managed to fix the problem!
Also, I hope I can work on a remake of A Timeless Story someday, I was just 16 years old when I released it, so I didn't think much on some things and the story ended up kinda rushed-

Year-End 2019 Misao Discussion.

Would it be really cheeky of me to mention my own game? (Escape from Greyrock). I finished it quite recently so it may not have had much time to make an impact. It features 100% original artwork though so I'd love if people would give it their consideration for a nomination.

Edit: Oh, just noticed it's already on the list. Never mind then :P

I'll be cheeky as well then, hehe.
My team of artists worked hard on the CGs for A Figment of Discord, so it would be really nice if someone could consider nominating it for "Eye Candy".

A Figment of Discord

The furthest I can play is the beginning of chapter 2. I cannot leave the orphanage at this point because I keep getting this.

I also have the problem of lag after chapter 2, which was mentioned by others. The character movement is too slow.

Fixed, thank you and I'm sorry!
As for the lag, it is caused by a particular script, which sadly I can't remove anymore since I used it too much in the game :(
But rest assured that I won't be using it anymore in any of my future games!

If you liked the game...

I suppose I'll leave a brief review, despite the problems (or rather small bugs) that occurred during the game I did enjoy playing it. The story was interesting as well as the characters and I like having multiple endings as well as being to skip to different points in the game to easily receive the other endings. If I did have one thing I didn't like about the game, it would probably be the endings. Not how they ended but they feel a tad rushed. But that's my personal opinion and this is the first time I think I've ever left a review for a game. Over all I'd give it a 3.5/5.

Thank you <3

A Figment of Discord

I finished the game is was really good I even reached the bonus room I can't wait for the next game you lot make.

Thank you so much!! ;w; <3

A Figment of Discord

I tried everything I cannot advance from that area.
Have you already checked this room?

A Figment of Discord

I can't select the books from the bookshelf?
Have you read the letter from your inventory first?
If you have, go check this bookshelf:

A Figment of Discord

Hi again, I was working on getting the secret ending after finishing the happy ending and after speaking to Mani I went to the dining assuming I had to go there to speak with Chantico (I assume that is what I am suppose to do), however nothing happened and I explored everything to see if I missed something to activate the event but came up empty. Eventually I was able to move on and just go into the password protected room to continue with the game. During my search to activate that event I was able to enter Eri's room and a scene from I think the first act ran (when Eri says she can't kill Chantico).

Luckily that was a minor bug, phew! I'll fix it right away, thanks!

A Figment of Discord

Thanks for dealing with my constant messages, I will say I did check everything in the kitchen, unless it's not in there. I did see a mention of jars when examining the area with the wine bottles (I'd assume that's what they are) but nothing about an empty one.
Upload completed!

After reading the letter (from inventory), please check this bookshelf. After reading the book you should be able to collect the jar (let me know if it worked!)

A Figment of Discord

This is where I get stuck after completing the orphanage section. I'm unable to return to the mansion and I checked the orphanage to make sure I'd done everything and I have.

And during earlier play I followed the walkthrough to try and get the empty jar by reading the letter and the book and looked at everything in the kitchen bu didn't receive one and prior to this message I went and moved the save file to different versions of the game, one from when I first downloaded the game, the 08 version and the 12th version as well as downloading it today but that problem seems to persist.

Got it, there's a switch that shouldn't be on in your game progress. I will fix it tomorrow and make sure to let you know when I've done!
As for the jar, it's not there, you should check the other cupboards! ;)
Thank you for your patience again!
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