―Purgatory 2― Review

Personally, I was quite disappointed that the series went from a traditional horror endeavor with little dialogue and great atmosphere to a shonen-esque thriller that tries to ape some JRPGs (and Metal Gear Solid) by piling conspiracy on top of conspiracy. Even the setting was sort of retconned... the kids that could easily have been regular students ended up being involved with a massive class struggle, and the world that seemed somewhat grounded (despite the demonic element) is now an unholy brew of sword and sorcery trash. And that protagonist... damn, he couldn't be more of a self-insert if he tried.

Not that the game is bad, mind you, but it does feel like a downgrade; the extra ambition IS nice, but I'd be happier if the atmosphere and spirit of the original had been kept intact. I'm reminded of Ex Mortis, another "franchise" that started out with a relatively introspective, "intimate" horror title and then went on to become a cargo cult rendition of Devilman.

Ribbon of Green

To anyone stumbling into this: the voiced version referred to in the description was made, but it was only uploaded on the dev's dead website and has almost disappeared from the internet. Wayback Machine has it, though: https://web.archive.org/web/20160630084348/http://dl.vnovel.com/soyasushi/Ribbon%20of%20Green%201.1.zip

Posting it here because I hate seeing things simply disappearing.
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