Where does talk about a new game go?

Where should we post information about a project we are working on, if we either want comments or to promote it? Game Discussion & Development says "Do not post topics about your game here." but it wouldn't belong in Off-Topic because it's about a game that is in development.

Same question for Artwork. If the art is being done for a game, where's the mid-point?

- Mike

Timezone change results in error page

I'm trying to set my timezone to -6 (which will still be wrong, if I set to -7 the site will be 1 hour behind me) and I get this message:

Forbidden (403)

CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.

More information is available with DEBUG=True.

rm2k - Anyone have an Empty game?

With all values, names, items, monsters and graphics cleared and deleted?

Free map editor similar to RmVX but of course not warez?

I am currently using Rpg Maker VX to draw a world map for something completely unrelated but the trial will expire in 6 days. Can anyone tell me where to find a generic map editor, that has the same drawing abilities as the Rpg Maker series? Needs to support 32x32 pixel tiles, Box draw, Layers and Auto-tiles - Especially auto-tiles!

- Mike

Mikemc's Let's Try thread

Title: El Dorado
Engine: Rm2k
Description: I skipped the intro but basically you have to get to the jewel through a combination of thinking and guessing.


[Rm2k] Names in messages without IF/THEN conditions everywhere?

I have a minigame that picks a party member at random of say... 36 possible members. (not the # but there's alot) Is there some way of displaying a member's name in a message without having a separate Condition and Message box for every hero?

What I want:
Hello, (random member number)! I You have been chosen!

What I have:
IF # = 1, "Hello Alex!"
IF # = 2, "Hello Beatrice"

- Mike

Which battle type is good for you?

Turn based or real time menu-driven? (Rm2k)
Like watching an interactive movie

Live action straight on the map? (Avalon Code, DS, although each map is a mini-arena)
You can fight or you can run - Anytime!

Live action inside a mini-arena (Eternal Sonata, X360)
A section of the world is given invisible walls - Two men enter, One man leaves!

Or how about something new. Do you even need to see the battle as long as you know the outcome?

- Mike

Arrow Puzzle HELL (Using Terrain ID)

Would you believe that the only event on this map is the Starting Point? :)

- Mike
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