@Dyhalto: no

Remake the Original Final Fantasy...

I believe there's already been a remake of Final Fantasy 1 for the RM2k3.

I'm sure there was one too. Sorry mate, but this isn't exactly a new idea. And as for your remarks to SnowOwl, he's got loads of games under his belt so I think he'd know how massive of an undertaking one is, particularly a huge game with hundreds of assets.

Cashmere wants to review your games

Oh, well I just kind of need a larger sample set to determine how much I need to fix in the game. So just go ahead and let loose on things that are killing you when the time comes.

Accepting Criticism

Nouin's still a shining beacon of how to take criticism without exposing any character flaws I see.

I think sometimes what makes criticism hard to take is that you don't want to let go. Corfaisus reviewed one of my games and I think I came off as a little bit defensive when I didn't mean to, but it was still a bitter pill to swallow that my PC88 masterpiece wasn't loved/understood by everyone. It's one of the hardest games for me to make despite looking like a game from 30 years ago but by that time I'd fallen into that sunk cost fallacy.

So I broke it off recently, not because of the criticism but because there's not really any way to improve the game beyond making a different game. I think developers fear getting to that point, as I did, and thus try to point out some redeeming things or find things they worked hard at that weren't received well. 80% of nothing is nothing, and shit times ten is just ten shits.

Deleted Review

Well you played and reviewed it correctly, hahahaha!