The Alchemist
Young alchemist after being expelled from the school have to stay alive by himself.



Move That Box!

After playing the demo I have to say that it was really pleasant experience. I like the diversity of levels, and hope that full version will have interesting roster of worlds.

Manga Carta 2

In terms of refining the details, this is probably one of the most polished RPG Maker games I've ever seen. I can't wait to see future versions of this and see if it will fulfill its potential.


There's a few errors (like the tree clipping through the cliff and the weird double-tree. And the cactus...)

May I also suggest some long grass tile to break up the sea of green short grass a bit?

just added a new version


There's a bit of an issue with the water height as the top cliff is ON the bottom cliff and the water is BELOW the height of that cliff.

yeah, i had some problems with that, added new version where everything should be fine :)

Dirge of Doningoth

This is the best looking RPG Maker game i've ever seen. Using of RTP style graphics is masterpiece, and i hope that i could ever get on that level...

EE3 (Epic Elf 3)

First Epic Elf is one of my favourite games of all time, EE2 was good, but the soul of fist part was RTP style and neatness, im looking foward for third part looking like first. (not in everything of course, but u know what i mean)


thats kind of fucking awesome mapping

EE3 (Epic Elf 3)

EE1 is one of my favourite games, and i was so excited about third part, but i don't feel EE atmosphere here... Too much changes imo. I understand that you wanted to make something other, but im gonna miss old, dark Dagree, and old gameplay. :/ But i believe you make something good, so im waiting!


I played today version from 2012 and it was awesome! :D One of the best games i played so far, can't wait for full version. :D
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