Developer of the upcoming game Akiyo.

I also cosplay a lot of RPG maker game characters. Want me to take a look at your game? Send me a PM. If I feel a connection to a character, I might add it to my list. Examples of my cosplay work? Check my DeviantART --> http://mikuleroux.deviantart.com/
Sci-Fi/Psychological Sidescroller RPG with Visual Novel elements.




She's super fun, I love dragging her around for no reason too hehe



Vindictive Drive 2

Vindictive Drive 2 landed in RMN!

Two of the biggest angels in the game, Eureka and Raleigh


Vindictive Drive 2

Your art and development have made leaps and bounds this is literally professional tier work. The designs too, I love the characters new looks. It's nice to see you share it here as well I'm sure some people from here before would love to see you are making a sequel.

I will post a review when I get time to because I played the demo on itch.io and I'd love yo give my detailed thoughts! But tldr beforehand it was freaking FUN.

MetalBird Tactics

This game is so fun and unique compared to other RPG maker games I typically see. This is being a fun introduction to strategy games for me! Beautiful art, challenging, and I love the 2.5D maps

I have so many important things to say here.

I WILL get that Kamecat skin

Battle of Instinct

I'm stoked for the update!


My cute little skunk girl!
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