Developer of the upcoming game Akiyo.

I also cosplay a lot of RPG maker game characters. Want me to take a look at your game? Send me a PM. If I feel a connection to a character, I might add it to my list. Examples of my cosplay work? Check my DeviantART --> http://mikuleroux.deviantart.com/
Sci-Fi/Psychological Sidescroller RPG with Visual Novel elements.



MetalBird Tactics

This game is so fun and unique compared to other RPG maker games I typically see. This is being a fun introduction to strategy games for me! Beautiful art, challenging, and I love the 2.5D maps

I have so many important things to say here.

I WILL get that Kamecat skin

Battle of Instinct

I'm stoked for the update!


My cute little skunk girl!

War of Existence

I absolutely loved this game. The story and setting is absolutely amazing. I ended up getting the bad ending. How do I get the other endings?

If you would like to see a walkthrough, there is one on the Studio's site!


Searching for team members for SSG Studio

Hello RMN,

Secret Society Games is looking for game developers/artists to form part of the team.
We're a growing team and our members work in individual projects, which are not limited to game development. Freeware games, like War of Existence, and commercial games like Akiyo and the recently released Vindictive Drive are some examples of our projects, along with translations done for Japanese RPG games and manga. Promotional cosplays are also often done for characters within the projects of our team.
All of our members benefit from cross-promotion, beta-testing and creative/technical assistance. We have no requirements other than to be producing digital entertainment of any kind, and to read the guidelines here: http://secretsocietygames.wikia.com/…/Rules_of_admittance_a…

If you have questions, feel free to ask at balthasar02@openmailbox.org or mikuleroux@gmail.com


Coronia Science - Nukeme Project

Coronia Science - Nukeme Project

I love the cats and I love the adorable character designs! I love to see the progress of this game ahh~
It's all your fault and I luv u.

This looks awesome, best of luck!

Thank you so much!

I love you too, can't wait to show you my Hong cosplay tomorrow!

Coronia Science - Nukeme Project

I love the cats and I love the adorable character designs! I love to see the progress of this game ahh~

Welcome to Nukeme Project!

I love Hong so much!~
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