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Having issues with GUI

Roger that! :D

Having issues with GUI

Yeah, I managed to figure what was wrong. I did have to fix the offset to be -100, but yeah, it worked. I also misused the wrong bar graphic (the snubbed one) - hehe, had no better naming idea at the time :D

Thanks for everything, man. Once again, if you ever find yourself in need, ask me. :)

Having issues with GUI

Well, I managed to screw it up again. I must be missing something. Here are a few pics - I think I did what you said, but I might be wrong.

God, this is tiring. I'm just sorry I have to keep nagging you - but I'm hopeless!

Having issues with GUI

I see, I see. I din't meant for a broad tutorial, more of a short series of parts - like you just did. I'll try it out and perhaps ask you if I manage to screw something up again. Thank you a thousand times, if you need anything, feel free to ask! You made my day, man! :D

Having issues with GUI

Hmm, I can't quite follow you. Could you perhaps explain a bit more widely? I like your idea but I'm not sure I can pull it off to the letter without some further questioning. Sorry :)

Can you please explain it in parts? I'm sure any designer here would appreciate the tutorial as well.

I'm just glad I didn't mess the calculations, I suck at math :D

Having issues with GUI

Thanks a lot for everything, MakoInfused. I'm not using a script, but I'm merely trying to synchronize the player's health (which can be almost any number) to the gauge. To have an even number, I've shortened the bar to 100 px (so each pixel can be 1% of the total health of the player, respectively) - however, I still can't make the bar move for every percent to the left. The only way I know - the longest - is to check for every single percent of the bar (place a conditional branch if the health is 99%, then 98% and so...) - I'm sure there's an easier way.

The way I handled calculations thus far was by multiplying the current health of the player by 100, then dividing it by the maximum health (CurHP * 100 / MaxHP). However, I have no idea how to make the Maker check for every variation and move the bar left appropriately (I've darkened the circle so the bars are invisible as they go left).

So for example:

CurHP = 500
MaxHP = 625

The calculation would be 500 * 100 / 625, the outcome would be 80, and the bar would decrease by a fifth and move to the left appropriately. However, I can't seem to pull this off, don't know why.

Having issues with GUI

Heh, I guess you close one door, another opens. Now I'm having issues making the damn thing go down with the player's health...

Having issues with GUI

Thanks for answering, MakoInfused. Yeah, I thought I could chop the bar into fragments, but this image is of... sentimental value to me. I thought of putting a face through the loop, so I guess I can't simply move the image left to oblivion. I guess I'll seek out those HUD variable scripts.

Thanks once again! :D

Having issues with GUI

Hey RMN, its been a while. I haven't worked for a long time, and I'm afraid I've forgot quite a bit about moving around the program (plus, I upgraded to VXA so its like witchcraft to me) - and anyway, I've had issues with making my HUD work.

Just for the sake of testing if it all fits, I used the Health/Magic bars to represent Hunger and Thirst in its stead (also because I found a tutorial on the net for that)

For a change, I've evented my way around using the HUD, but I tend to make awful clipping errors. I made this in Photoshop...

However, when I use the old Move Picture action, it just moves the bars to the left, like this:

(which it is supposed to do, right?)

Now, my question is if there is a way to do this, perhaps by forcing the picture to disappear after a given coordinate (the left corner).

Also, just for the sake of it, I'll also upload what I did while eventing, perhaps I made a mistake there.

Screen #1:

Screen #2:

Thanks for reading this, and I hope someone will know how to deal with this dilemma. Still, you're the best guys! (and gals!)
Thanks in advance!

PS. Plus, I wanted to say "HUD" in the title, but I'm just too tired today...

RPG Maker VX Ace Lite Cook Off!

Just here to wish good luck to everyone. May the best butcher win. :)