Just kinda hanging around.
Man, I love drawing.

Call of the Overseer
Do you have what it takes to save a god?





Starlight Shoals

I played through this a little while back, and I've just wanted to say that this is just a real nice lil demo! Something about this game just gives me a really nice feeling. I'm not good at explaining, but basically, I'm definitely looking forward to more!

Gamepage Glories

Dooone, woo! This was a surprising style of event! Was nice to finally get around to making my game's page look a little more, well, nice! Huge thanks to everyone who offered their game's codes for reference, and the CSS tutorial! ;o;

Tower of the Starblessed Review

Thank you very much for reviewing my game! I'm glad to see that you enjoyed it!

And I'm also glad that you enjoyed the protagonists! To be honest, I DO have plans for a sequel to this game/story, but it likely won't be started until... a few years from now, since I need to work on a different project of mine, first. But when the sequel becomes real, you'll definitely be able to see & learn more about these two ^^

What in the name of Front Page?!

@Addit aaa thank you! I was seriously in awe when I saw this game had gotten one of the sidebar/spotlight games, so I can't imagine how I'd react if something of mine got on the main featured spot lmao

And yep, this is technically my first "complete from start to finish + published" game! I definitely made many projects that were just "make the first cutscene or two and then scrap the project" back when I first got into RPGM (near the end of vx/ before vx ace's release I believe), so all those years must've helped here...

I feel like I work a bit better when I have a time limit because then I can't really procrastinate or anything. All 3 games/demo's I've made (well, only 2 on this site) were made for game events of various lengths, so yeah...

@Liberty thank youuuu :'''O

14th RMN Birthday

Hooo... Honestly I can't believe I pulled this off.
I swear my soul was about to tap out in the process, BUT... I managed...

Tower of the Starblessed, basically, "Y'all ever wanted to play rock-paper-scissors but you know someone's not walking out alive?"

Prompts Used:
-A missing present
-The Happy Birthday song sung incorrectly

EDIT: Also, there's a text file in the game folder called "x_Battle Walkthrough". Use this if you just want to get through without the guesswork and/or are stumped.

14th RMN Birthday

14 hours... I've never thought of joining an event with such a short creation frame, but maybe joining something so short is a good thing. Ahh I'll have to think about it.


This Lost Shrine implies the existence of a Found Shrine


Aww thanks! Since the game's all winter-y I was thinking "Well white's commonly associated with winter. But I think it'd hurt my eyes to read text on that. Well blue's associated with ice, so close enough!"

QoL Update is Available! & Twitter Page!

wooo surprise demo!! And aaa thanks, hope you find it enjoyable!
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