Razed are the Powerful
A witty near one-liner of an experience based on recruiting your favorite RTP heroes to fight alongside you.



Screenshot Survival 20XX

Playing around with a new style. Temporarily in monochrome because palettes will be the death of me.

McBacon Jam 4

Been craving some pixel pushing lately! Would love to contribute graphics to any team that would have me ^__^

MV Animals

I am only able to select a small part of the animal, am I doing something wrong?

You need to save the sprite with a '$' in front of the file name (for example "$Stag.png") as it is a single sprite rather than a sprite-sheet.

Thanks guys :) Glad people are finding them useful :)

MV Animals

@Archeia Thank you :)

@dillybob These are frankensprites from the MV RTP so you must own MV to use them.

What are you thinking about right now?

i should probably get one of these

SquattyPotty - $33
Plastic step stool that most people (with kids at least) already have in their bathroom anyway - $2

I really don't know why anyone would buy this

What do you think of when you hear "RPG Maker"?

Roco facesets and Treasure of the Rudras, a game I've never played but have probably seen every single asset of.

Roco facesets! Wow that brings me back..

I really just think of all my wasted hours spent on abandoned games in the last 13? years. Damn.


<--- this is as far as I got with my idea before realizing I don't have the time. If someone wants to team up shoot me a PM! I can probably contribute some maps or something.

Let's Draw! Galactic Super Police Characters! -Event Over!-

Sign me up please! :)

THE MVLYMPICS! {Sign Ups Ended}

I'll see what I have time for. Sign me up :)


You can edit the colours for the generator~ ^.^

How did you do? :o

My glasses are a much different shape irl but the rest pretty accurate.
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