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A Late Hello

I've actually already posted a game and have been lurking around here for awhile but I've yet to post on the forums. Hi!

I'm Minnow. I've been playing with RPG Maker on and off since 2k days and have lurked forums since rmxp.net. I never completed a game (or even completed more than like 10 minutes of a game) until the All Hallows Event this year (I was really proud of my entry for like an hour but now I think it's just awful and I wish I could wipe it from history entirely but it's going to live forever on Fomar0153's youtube channel and ohgodi'msosorry).
It was definitely a learning experience and I've got a huge list of things that I now know to consider when making my next game. I think my strongest area is graphics but I'd like to become more well rounded and produce something that's actually playable and not just pretty.

I live in Ontario, Canada. I dabble in graphic design here and there and have been using photoshop consistently for the past 5 or 6 years.
I make my living by refurbishing and then selling antique/unloved furniture from estate sales, garage sales, and peoples garbage (I'm classy). I am aiming to have a storefront by next summer and eventually transition into making my own entirely custom pieces.

That's about it. I'm looking forward to being more active around the forums and getting to know you all :)

When The Bell Tolls

Absolutely not! Just make sure you link me to it so I can watch :D
Watching another person play it will really help me decide what to keep and what to change when I overhaul this game.

Timers actually don't play a huge part. Give it a shot :)

When The Bell Tolls Review

Thanks for the review. I agree with all of your criticisms.

The entire tower and ending were made on the last day of the event so it was very rushed and I didn't have time to completely flesh out the story/characters the way I wanted to. I'll take all of your points about the puzzles into consideration and hopefully be able to update with a more playable version of the game at some point.

This was definitely a learning experience and I'm pretty happy with your rating since it's my first completed game. Could've been worse! Maybe I should just stick to graphics and find someone else to handle gameplay from now on. :p

The graphics are mostly XP but there are a few Ace things thrown in here and there.

Thanks again!

When The Bell Tolls

In the room before that there are two very dark rooms with switches on either side. (Turn the bottom light switch on in that room to see them.) I was really worried about it being too dark to see on other screens, it was fine for me but I have my brightness set pretty high. So sorry!

All Hallows' Event 2013

All Hallows' Event 2013

Still awake at 5am but my game is finished! I can't believe it.

Just need to add credits and submit it which I will do tomorrow.
Sleep now.

All Hallows' Event 2013

All Hallows' Event 2013

Finally submitted my gameprofile! Waiting for approval.

Almost finished my entry, just need to do one more dungeon (unfortunately it's the biggest one) and then go back and tweak/fine-tune some things!
I'm confident I'll get it done on time. ^_^
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