I've enjoyed playing games since childhood, rpg's being my favorite.
I love coming up with new stories and rpg maker has helped me bring some of those stories to life.

I have various side projects going but my main project is based of a D&D campaign my Fiance ran a few years ago. I enjoyed the campaign immensely and I hope people enjoy my retelling of it.
My biggest weakness is that while I am quite good at thinking up stories I'm not very good at writing them. Personally I think my writing comes of as awkward at times, but it's something I hope to improve.

Now for my personal info. I am a mother of one, engaged to a lovely man and currently own a puppy, a cat and two rabbits (on of which is half giant rabbit) yeah.... so I live in a bit of a madhouse.
Apart from gaming I enjoy baking, especially cakes :p.
Return of the Lost
An RPG based of a D&D campaign.
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