I've enjoyed playing games since childhood, rpg's being my favorite.
I love coming up with new stories and rpg maker has helped me bring some of those stories to life.

I have various side projects going but my main project is based of a D&D campaign my Fiance ran a few years ago. I enjoyed the campaign immensely and I hope people enjoy my retelling of it.
My biggest weakness is that while I am quite good at thinking up stories I'm not very good at writing them. Personally I think my writing comes of as awkward at times, but it's something I hope to improve.

Now for my personal info. I am a mother of one, engaged to a lovely man and currently own a puppy, a cat and two rabbits (on of which is half giant rabbit) yeah.... so I live in a bit of a madhouse.
Apart from gaming I enjoy baking, especially cakes :p.
Return of the Lost
An RPG based of a D&D campaign.




I would much prefer Mack sized characters myself. However I'm not too confident with making my own sprites. I would need custom sprites for pretty much every major character. However I am working on improving my skills. I've managed to edit some of the chibi sprites and they don't look horrendous, soooo maybe there will be Mack sprites in the future. ^-^


Thanks ^^ And good eye! Completely missed those.


It's part of Celianna's Medieval building tilesets. (I did do some minor edits to it however)


Aww Look how cute they are!

That path leading to the pool seems kinda off. Since the pool seems to be walled but the path doesn't seem to be raised at all. Maybe some steps to show the path is elevated?


Thanks for pointing the mistakes out. Fixed them. (Shame on me for not checking -_-')


Sigh I really wish I could make custom art like this.

It just looks so pretty!


Alone with three women. Is that why he looks slightly nervous? XD


Thanks ^^ It's Tolkiens Elven script. Thought It'd be pretty cool for languages the characters don't understand.


I found these tilesets on Google images. I'll try and find what website their from. If you don't want them in other projects I'll change them.
But no I diddn't take them from Tristian. The only copy of Tristian I have is encrypted.


Ah your right. Sometimes I really wish Rpg maker came with a spell check :p
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