I've enjoyed playing games since childhood, rpg's being my favorite.
I love coming up with new stories and rpg maker has helped me bring some of those stories to life.

I have various side projects going but my main project is based of a D&D campaign my Fiance ran a few years ago. I enjoyed the campaign immensely and I hope people enjoy my retelling of it.
My biggest weakness is that while I am quite good at thinking up stories I'm not very good at writing them. Personally I think my writing comes of as awkward at times, but it's something I hope to improve.

Now for my personal info. I am a mother of one, engaged to a lovely man and currently own a puppy, a cat and two rabbits (on of which is half giant rabbit) yeah.... so I live in a bit of a madhouse.
Apart from gaming I enjoy baking, especially cakes :p.
Return of the Lost
An RPG based of a D&D campaign.



There's a demo!

The original is my favorite rpg maker game. Heck, I like it better than a lot of professional games out there! Looking forward to see what kind of end result a polish will do.

(But seriously omg, the nightmare scene was 100 times more creepy -_-')

Eternal Twilight

I think the thing I'm enjoying most about this game, is the battle system. You've clearly put a lot of thought into the skills, rather then just 'This attack deals X amount of damage'.

Eternal Twilight

Well so far I'm really enjoying this game. You've really put in a lot of thought to the skills. Nice to see a bit of strategy instead of just spam attack till their dead. (And the boss theme is pretty epic) Personally though I'm not a huge fan of auto save, unless there's a few save files available.

Star Stealing Prince Review

You should if that enjoyment is changed due to how much better one does things over the over. For example, if we have two tactics games and one is clunky while the other is not, it's fair to compare the clunkier to the other as an example of what they did wrong and how it could be done better. You'd be rating lower because it's been done better, so you are rating by comparison.

I guess we have to agree to disagree. But for what it's worth I see your point and I do agree to an extent. If both games are for example a Call Of Duty game and it's many clones, then yes it's not so bad to compare them cause hey they are very similar and yes one will probably do better then the other. But comparing Star Stealing Prince to any other game simply because it's also an RPG isn't the way to do it. After all just because two games are RPGs doesn't mean they'll be similar at all.

Star Stealing Prince Review

But it's one thing to compare games and another to rate them based on other games. For example I've played the demos for both Amulet Of Athos and Linus. I can compare them in that they are both more mature and dark compared to many other rpg maker games out there, they both use darker tones in their art and mapping. But I wouldn't give one a lower rating just because I didn't enjoy it as much as the other one.

Star Stealing Prince Review

The star score is mainly just my highly subjective general feel for how much I personally enjoyed the game, with a bit of influence from comparing to the other games I've played on RMN and what scores I'm giving/have given them. It's worth noting that I've mostly just played games from Humble Bundles, which are probably already the cream of what RMN has to offer. If I literally played every game available on RMN and assigned them scores on a strictly linear scale from worst to best, I wouldn't be surprised if Star Stealing Prince ended up a bit higher on the scale. X)

Sorry but I disagree with rating games based on other games. A game should be judged based on what experience it gives it players. Not if it's as good as another random game that's been made, because there will always be better or worse games out there based on personal opinion.


I would much prefer Mack sized characters myself. However I'm not too confident with making my own sprites. I would need custom sprites for pretty much every major character. However I am working on improving my skills. I've managed to edit some of the chibi sprites and they don't look horrendous, soooo maybe there will be Mack sprites in the future. ^-^


Thanks ^^ And good eye! Completely missed those.


It's part of Celianna's Medieval building tilesets. (I did do some minor edits to it however)

A couple of couples

But I'm really looking for someone who can help with what I consider my weaker areas of game development ( writing, gameplay, gimmicks etc. ).

What you talking about!? Writing is certainly not your weakness.
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