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Detective Waka
A community game about RMN members in their first Miristic Theathrical Appearance!

Commonplace Book Entries! :: a playlist on rpgmaker.net

A playlist about RMN's 2021 Halloween even, the Commonplace Book!

  • Mirak
  • 11/01/2021 03:33 AM

They Took My Beloved
A visual novel horror for the Halloween 2021 event.
L Is for Love
"No one should discard that they are angels coming to punish us."
Forgotten Water’s Silent...
A short maze-runner / puzzle game for Halloween2021 event.
2021 Halloween Event entry
Lost Chronicles
A tale lost to the sands...
13m 1/4
In the cavern, cries of agony are echoing... Help... hel...
Keeper of the Fog
Resident Sweet Home: Vulpine Mod
Siren Night
What is this strange music in the night? And where is everyone?
The Monastery
Can you escape from the Monastery?
We're gonna make it to the moon!
A short Lovecraftian horror game developed for the Halloween 2021 event.
Chthonic Crypt
Darkness has returned to Ishvale, rumours are that the last Vampire slain twenty years ago has returned...
It's Here
Avoid the invisible evil that has invaded Whitebastion Castle.
Hotel Dusk
A vacationing woman is presented with a suspicious offer.

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