Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.

Hello i am a musician, pixel artist and vector artist.
I mainly create custom graphics and music for people on the internet, and sometimes I make weird games!

Oh Bill, Oh Bill. U One ...
The FRIEND Bill the Hedgehog is so MISSING - FInD HIM FINd HiM fInD hIM


Exactly (or approximately) how expensive would it be to "update" RMN?

Something's bugging me since the other day.

I'm very out of the loop when it comes to web design and such, so I'm disconnected with the current market prices, but a few days ago I read from liberty on discord about how the language rmn is built upon is becoming obsolete next year, and I was wondering if the cost of updating it\moving it to a "living" language\idk would be an amount too impossible to consider covering with the help of everyone who could and wanted to donate.

I'm fairly sure there are extremely talented web folk in countries like mine as well who most likely offer different, maybe more affordable prices. And I also bet this topic has already been discussed somewhere but yeah sorry.

[RMMV] [RMVX ACE] [RM2K3] [RM2K] Your top tens ruined this forum so-

you hoes better bring it on the runway with your revived dead projects or imma slap'n'choke-a bitch until you MAK THAT GAM.

[RMN] Calling for gamepage CSS wizards help pls


Problem Statement

My next project is spanish first and english second.
This being an english speaking website, I'll of course make the gamepage in both languages. I'll have two downloads, a spanish version and an english version.

I was wondering if it would be possible with css to add two download buttons instead of one. I'm able of changing the button's background and hiding the text, but I don't know if something like this is possible. I've seen some crazy css in some gamepages around here so I'm dubious to whether this is possible or not but I'd like to hope that it is.

My ghetto solution when faced with this problem so far is to add two huge download buttons at the very top of the game's description like i did with this game, but the gamepage still forces me to set a main download.

If adding a second button is not possible, would hiding the download button at the top be possible instead? That way people would be forced to either click on the Downloads tab, or one of the huge buttons at the top of the description.

[RMMV] Help for the stupid



Problem fixed.
Next problem, however, hasn't been fixed.
Any asssistance will be appreciated.



Yanfly Core engine and Yanfly Message engine is not working for me and I can't figure out what the hell it is that I am doing wrong.
I just want to change the stupid font and it won't let me! And I'm doing everything as I'm supposed to!

Somehow it fixed itself.


[MUSIC - FREE (CLOSED FOR NOW)] I'm looking for projects to make music for.

Hey hello.

It's 2019 and I haven't done anything gamedev-wise yet and since I'm about to rectify that and am considering practicing a few new tricks, genres and things i've been learning for the audio bits, I am offering my music services for free (with a few basic conditions).

I'm mainly looking for passion projects, not really large-scale but mid-size or short, artsy ventures. Well, I'm okay with pretty much anything as long as you "sell" it to me in a way that will woo me. I mainly want to be into whatever it is that i'm working for, last year ended on a sweet note in this front and I'd like to keep this momentum going.

Requests for freeware projects:
• Have finished a game/project once.
• If it's your first project, it's necessary that it's way in development and you have something substantial to show. Projects in planning stages no pls abstain i've been there way too many times now.

For commercial endeavors:
• I'm okay with revshare, but i expect something upfront to keep my motivation up, i accept steam/gog games/spare humble bundle keys, or give me nitro every so often, idk.
• Also need to have at least one published project (freeware or commercial).

Anyway here are various examples of my work. Do forgive that they're divided into categories since they're my demo reels. Try me out, I love playing rpgmaker games of all sorts of quality. So yeah! Send me a PM or something.

Is there a way to use the locker sound player on forum posts?

When i click on a sound file from my locker, I can preview the sound file with an embedded, non flash-based player. It works in most browsers.

But when using an mp3 tag on the forum, it tries to use a flash-based player that no longer loads natively in browsers like chrome, edge or opera (still opens on firefox). You have to click on the puzzle graphic and ask the browser to activate flash, and no one does that.

Is there a way I can use the locker player instead of the other one?

Custom Music Shop

So, you've got your game document all ready and set up, you've chosen your favorite engine to make your dream game, you have the story planned out, the graphics mostly drawn, BUT! You're lacking AUDIO! And you don't know squat about composing your own music! And you have a bunch of spare change in your pocket that's pulling your pants down! Oh no!

Well, I'm here to help! Get your game that sting of originality that really digs into people's hearts and souls creating an experience that will stay in their minds forever by purchasing an original soundtrack for it made by me!

Now, and for a limited time of probably twenty years, I offer my services with an exclusive price for rpgmaker.net! You won't see these prices anywhere else folks, so it's time to consider this sweet deal!

Please see my services and examples below. Prices are in USD and I charge via Paypal. I also accept payment in the form of Steam Games and Software (info on the second post), or any digital goods you want to suggest that get my interest. The prices below are specifics for developers creating non commercial games. Please email me to discuss pricing for your commercial venture.

Standard tracks are the most economic
option i offer, they include the standard array
of instruments found in your average MIDI
synthesizer and can cover all musical genres.
Chiptune music, commonly known as 8-Bit Music,
is music that mimics the style of old chiptune trackers,
this music is perfect for pixelly, retro games and media!
Base Price: $10 per MinuteBase Price: $13 per Minute
Standard Track Samples
Chiptune Samples
Mixed media combines synths and electronic elements
with standard instruments to achieve a variety of sounds
and harmonious compositions.
Orchestral music, as the name implies,
is music that occupies a variety of real instruments
that create the most epic and beautiful of sounds.
It's use is predominant in epic RPG's and games with
serious undertones.
Base Price: $17 per MinuteBase Price: $25 per Minute
Mixed Media Samples
Orchestral Samples

If the samples are not enough and you want to listen to complete tracks, please visit my SoundCloud for Mixed Media and Orchestral compositions, and my DeviantArt Music Folder for everything else.


Contact me by e-mailing me to patt.ytto@hotmail.com or sending me a private message here, deviantart or twitter, though I check my emails more often. Tell me about your project and what you need and we'll do business! Don't be shy if you're wondering what something would cost, contact me and I'll give you a price estimate based on your needs!

Hope to do business with you!

* = Total price includes paypal tax, calculated using The Fee Calculator.

Have you ever made a trailer for your game? If so, please help.

I'm looking for suggestions for a good video editor that i can use for making trailers and promotional videos for my stuff. I've been out of the video editing loop for about twelve years and no longer know what's the best option to use. I don't even remember the name of the software i used to use to edit videos before but i remember it was very obscure and free and really not very good.

This time i'm willing to spend money for good software, so please suggest something.

Something that is not After Effects if possible. I would very much like to use After Effects but my computer cannot run it (i've tried), so any other video editing software would be nice.

Someone recommended me Sony Vegas but the person who recommended me it has never used it before, so i can't take that recommendation seriously, i need people who are actively using their software to tell me the ups and downs and why they recommend it, because i don't want to spend money on the wrong editor and regret it forever afterwards.

Things that i'm looking for is the ability to put text and images on videos, possibly with effects, the thing i'm trying to do is use video capture software to get some videos of a game, then use flash to make an animation of the logo of the game next to some sprites doing stuff, pass the flash through Swivel to export the flash file to a high quality/resolution mp4 and then use the video editing software to make the actual video, joining both things or making transitions between them on the go, adding music and sound effects and things of the sort.

Thanks in advance.

"Mark all as read" button

My issue is that whenever i'm on one device browsing the forum, and then switch to another device (be it another computer or my smartphone), all the forums appear with the "new" icon next to them even if they don't have any new posts that i hadn't read before.

So for example i browse all forums with my smartphone until visiting the index displays no "new" posts, and then when i open rmn using another device, suddenly all of the forums claim there's new messages in them when that is clearly not true.

This bugs me because i really keep up to date with all the forum happenings and i often keep missing real new posts because i no longer know which forums really do have new posts in them. I know a ghetto solution is to use the "latest posts" thing in the community portal but that thing displays not only posts in the forum but posts site-wide and i don't really care about posts made on gamepages or screenshots that are not from my own games or games i explicitly follow.

It still would be really useful to know if we already have a button that marks everything as read so that when i switch from one device to the other one i can clear out the notifications so that when new posts really do come in i can know where they are instead of having to navigate each of them.


Dropbox to eliminate the Public folder on March 15th

This is not news for most people, since dropbox has been methodically emailing threats to everybody about their decision to "upgrade and better their services" by deactivating the public folder for both free and pro users of their system.

What this means: No more direct file hotlinking.

Now you'll be able to make "shared links" for individual files from any folder of your dropbox, but anybody who wants to see that file will have to go through an intermediary page that offers you to download the file instead of you being able to have access to that file directly. This "upgrade" is, of course, only helping dropbox get more ad revenue from making you go to another page to see or download the file. As for the users, they can get fucked.

What THAT means: If you're like me, who used the dropbox public folder as a way of linking to image files that would appear in tutorials and game profiles and resource pages here on RMN and everywhere else on the net, you'll find that all of those links will be broken as of March 15 for free users, and September for pro users.

If i hadn't checked my old email that i used to register to dropbox i wouldn't have known about this until now, so i'm making this thread in case one of you use dropbox for the same reasons i do and didn't know about this, so that you have time to replace all the links you're using on pages on RMN with alternative ones.

In my case, i'm uploading all RMN-dependent files to my locker and hotlinking them from there. This may be obvious for some but i didn't really do it since i wanted to keep that precious locker space free for other things.

I don't know if there are any other services like dropbox that allow direct file hotlinking, so maybe i'm hoping people here will inform me of these alternative cloud services so i can migrate there.
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