Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass

I watched a friend stream part of this on twitch and the quality looks fantastic. Having already enjoyed A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky, I absolutely intend to purchase this game as Christmas gift for myself.

Character introduction: The heroes

I saw this update on Tumblr first and I lost it laughing when you pointed out where the heroes could be seen on the title screen. XD I like how in Mamoru's design that he's basically dressed as an average modern high-schooler for the most part with the jeans, sneakers, and letterman jacket...but then on his right arm he's got the medieval-esque metal armor over his sleeve. Cool beans♡

Given that our main character knows a healing spell (seen when you showed us the instill life) and that there are only three heroes (none which look like your standart healer)... I have the feeling that dear agdistis was the fourth party member... given that they suffered a great... injustice I have the feeling that Mamoru or the others or just the Hoshigami clan or all of them have a few skeletons in their closet. Skeletons that crawl their way out of hell.

Why do I come to this conclusion?
Mamoru looks like the typical hero, sword in hand, optimism etc but there must always be a reason why they are like that... in most cases it's a dead friend or parents and the like.... given that his clan is alive most likely it makes me think what gave him the motivation is the death of "adgistis" or however they were known before.
I like this theory and I'm curious if that's going to be the case in the final game. (I won't be disappointed or anything like that if it's not, it's just fun to think about.)

Character introduction: Shatter

"Ņ̸̘͉̒͆͠Ȍ̸͇T̵̡̳̻̉͊̑I̴̤̘͐C̵̈́̄͜E̵͍̟̋͜ ̶̬̫̺̊̿̎M̸͎̽͐͜E̸͍͚̩̽̚ ̵̝͂̀́S̶͉̃̑̚E̵͚̘̟̿̊N̴̨̳͒̂P̶̗̪̹̓Ȃ̷̛̠͘Ȉ̷̱̥͆͠!!"

Character introduction: Agdistis

I love that evil grin❤

(Wasn't sure what the correct way to refer to them was, so good to know it's they/them.)

Stepping Down as a Mod

I hope things improve for you.

Weapons and Party Members

Oooh, that Instill Life animation is new! :O And really cool.

...You know, I didn't even think about looking up to see if the name Agdistis was significant until dasgibtesnet said something. That's a myth I had never heard before, and it makes me more curious about the upcoming post on characters.

Stolen RMN Games on Steam

The other issue is that trying to push such an angle could potentially negatively impact the original developers since at the end of the day they're also using ripped sprites, even if they're not trying to profit from it.
Fair enough. That'd be the last thing I'd want to happen.

Stolen RMN Games on Steam

If I'm understanding this correctly, some of the games stolen were make with the pirated versions of 2k3. Could that potentially be a legal angle to use against the person stealing games, since they're technically trying to sell content made with software and resources that they do not legally own, or would that be difficult to prove?

This Is Not My Final Form

*makes it rain on the gamepage*

This Is Not My Final Form

I played the IGMC version and really enjoyed both the premise and the aesthetic, so I'm really excited to hear this game is getting an expansion.
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