That pillar is divine.

RPG Maker MZ!

More like MZzzzzzzz

because this news is putting me to sleep

I have nothing to add, I just wanted to say that is the goddamn cutest pixel guinea pig I've ever seen.

Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-up)

I honestly can't really think of anything that I'd want, but can I volunteer to be on reserve to fill a secret santa request if someone drops out?


That animation. :O I love the way the wings move.

Entertain me

This update will make your heart go ★♥Doki Doki♥★

This update sends my heart aflutter.

Still trying to shake off the new year funk

I don't know what part of the development is burning you, but try to intersperse parts that you enjoy creating with more tedious ones. You have something wonderful in your hands and everyone can see that you have dedicated a lot of care and heart. Best of wishes, courage and strength!


Teeth are very valuable! But I take it that they are not for sale. :(

Seasons of RMN II

Congrats to everyone who succeeded! I look forward to playing the projects.

Seasons of RMN II

Ahahaha, yeah, this isn't gonna happen. :D Oh well. I still like the general idea I had, so it might become a thing at some point, maybe.
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