Angelic Virtues

I always forget that MV has mouse controls. I think that's it, because that's the only way I can recreate the bug.

Angelic Virtues

So yeah, magical girls in space, with pocket dimensions with strange architecture and beings beyond human comprehension (but are just relatable enough)? Totally my shit. Definitely interested in seeing where the hanging plot threads are going if you decide to continue it. But if not, I enjoyed it for what it was. The end of SerafĂ­n's arc got me in the heart. ;_;

As someone who loves Dhux's Scar, it was really nice to see Faye and Gabrielle again! I like how Faye's outfit has callbacks to the designs for Michael/"Maikas", both with the coloration and markings on her outfit, and with the long silvery braid. And of course Gabrielle's outfit being modeled after true form in that game. I was honestly concerned when Gabrielle said she already had a relationship with the person sending the telepathic messages, and it was a relief that the person in question was someone who actually seems to be a decent person that actually cares about her this time. (Obviously it's not the same universe this time, but her Dhux's Scar self did want to redo her life over again, so this...scratches an itch I've had since the first time I played that game.)

The difficulty issues have already been talked about, so I won't go into them. One thing that I did notice during the final assault were that there were some battles where I couldn't choose my target. I'd be locked on to one particular enemy until I defeated them, and only then would I have full selection of the rest of the targets. I'm assuming this is a bug because nothing stood out to me as particularly special about these battles, or the enemies I was stuck on (they were all just regular Celenin grunts)?

But yeah. I'm definitely looking forward to post-jam version. I have a couple of friends that I think would be interested in this game, so I'll likely show them the polished version.


One time I had a bunch of toys out for a shelter cat, but instead she was fixated on a toy mouse that she could see through a window. It wasn't even any different from the toy mice I already had out for her! I'm sure you could make some sort of comparison to human nature with that.

Anyway, I really love the various alien and body horror elements in Agdistis's forms, especially the hungry hungry mouth hair appendages on this one.


Don't mind me, just taking a selfie under the big stone titty. (Does Mimi charge for that...?)




All right, so. Using this as an excuse to practice making tilesets would have been a better idea if were better at managing my time.

Not for judging, I just want to show that I made something.


Now I'd like to see if anyone dares to say they're worse at mapping than me!
scuse u that is indeed a work of art


Wow, I'm super observant. Thank you, lmao.


Maybe I'm missing it, but what's the deadline for entries?

Yume Wheeky

Okay, subgenre over. I think with this we've reached the pinnacle of the Yume Nikki fangames now.

Or, to put it in a more appropriate way:
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