For once in my life I am going to take this gammak business seriously. I am going to finish! My! Games!
Siren Night
What is this strange music in the night? And where is everyone?



Black Sugar Review

Thank you for the review! It is very fair and well put. A lot of the criticisms here are part of why I decided not to continue with the project after the file got corrupted. The doll still holds a special place in my heart so I'm glad you enjoyed her at least. Btw, the original artwork for the doll doesn't fill the screen for the simple reason that I was dumb at the time and didn't think about what the image size would need to be in order to fit the screen. I've since learned lol. Thank you for playing and putting thought and time into leaving a review for this silly, crappy, unfinished game!

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

I would love to partake! For what I would like to receive, I'd be happy with pretty much anything tbh, but would especially like something related to my most recent game, Siren Night. Whether it's fanart, a review, let's play, anything! I'll also take fanart of any of my OCs off my artfight page (Link) if you don't want to do Siren Night. Let's have some fun!

Siren Night Review

Thank you so much for playing and reviewing! I hear the criticisms and have to agree entirely. I would have loved to add more backstory for both Kou's dad and mom, as well as fleshed out the endings some more with an ending image to go with each, but had to leave a lot of what I had planned out due to time constraints. I do plan on revisiting this in the future and adding all those things I wanted to include but couldn't before the event ended.

As for the 2 endings, the ambiguity on the "good or bad" aspect of it was kind of intentional. Personally, I consider ending 2 ending 1 to be the "true" ending, but I decided to leave it up to the player to decide which they like better.

Again, thank you for taking the time to leave a review! I'm glad my game was enjoyable! I'm super happy with the three stars and think the rating is very fair and correct. I give this review 5 out of 5 stars! It's concise, informative, and gives me compliments and good criticism. Can't get better than that!

EDIT I mistakenly put ending 2 when I meant ending 1. Silly me forgot which numbers I assigned which endings. I meant the
true friend ending
. sorry bout that!

Commonplace Book

Whoopsies, yeah i was notified of some pretty serious errors in my game and had to fix it. Does that disqualify me? :( Am I able to resubmit the new download here or is it too late?

Commonplace Book

I'm sorry the image is so massive I do not know how to make it smaller.
All I have so far is the opening cutscene where the characters walk up to the door. When will there be gameplay in my game? The world may never know (~0o0)~
Its working title rn is Siren Night and its about this boy who invites a classmate over to do schoolwork and in the night, the classmate goes missing from the guest room while an eerie music echoes through the house.

Commonplace Book

Is there enough stories in the book so that everyone in the event will get a different one, or will there be repeats of prompts? Neither is bad btw, it's always neat to see how two different people decide to handle the same prompt in their own unique ways, I'm just curious how many there are.

Commonplace Book

I'm gonna do it this time, I swear to god on my life I will Succeed.

Bloodstained Hands

Yikes, that is a little unbalanced. In testing I only lost to him maybe once out of every five tries, but I made the game so I know how best to utilize combat and what to expect. Out of curiosity, do you remember what level you were during that fight? And did you adjust any battle settings such as battle speed or wait modes?

No, I didn't change anything. I'm also generally pretty bad at games so I may be an outlier in difficulty statistics. Also probably hyperbolizing how many tries it took, probably more around 10 than 20 if I'm being honest. And I think I leveled up to level 7 or 8 at the end of the fight.

Bloodstained Hands

Thanks, i did manage to eventually get past it but it was mostly luck that it didn't one shot me three times that time. it took like 20 tries ^^;

Bloodstained Hands

EDIT: oh i see, escape must be disabled in the giant spider fight because I can get it to work in normal battles, just not this one.
Edit again because idk how tf to get past this spider since it just consistently kills me and it doesn't seem like i do any damage to it because the health bar never show up.