Easily one of the best RPG maker games out there

Final Tear 3 remastered

To all who think the plot is shallow - it took me two playthroughs to actually fully understand what was going on in the end.
After all, boss battles are what makes a game hard and interesting. Think about it - would you prefer smacking all bosses from the first try or lose several times until you find out what strategy to use.
I can't see a problem with vulgar language too - it does not come from every character, I remember it only coming from Alyssa (and some monsters maybe) and it is even explained why it is that way later on. So another point goes to character development. Like you guys who complain never diss and have never heard anything vulgar... I even think it makes the game more colorful and the characters more distinct.
The battle system that you hate now becomes invaluable later where you have so much more skills to choose from in order to form your battling strategy.
With all that being said, the major critics to this game can be that everything is incredibly good "a bit later on". Which can be almost (if not completely) impossible to change, because that would require complete reprogramming and revamping of the story. So if you did not like whatever in the beginning, all you have left is to trust me and all the people that finished the game that it is soo much worth it to play, instead of giving up after the first 5 or so hours just because everything seems strange in this game. After the movespeed change and the teleporter after the plains, I hope more people will give it a try, and once you get to a certain point (which by the way is not that far in the game) - you won't regret playing it. I hope I helped people who had doubts about this game.
Peace out.

Final Tear 3 Director's Cut

"The game offers a 90 to 110 hours gamplay experience full with magic and mystery."

How did you manage 90+ hours in an RPG Maker game? I sure hope that you didn't pull a Laxius Power and make the player backtrack for everything imaginable.

I don't recall Laxius Power being long, nor making the player to backtrack. And why do you ask how he managed to do it... RPG Maker has very big limits for switches, variables, database entries and I don't recall a limit on the number of maps...
There is only one place in this game where you have to backtrack a rather long way and it is in the very beginning.

Final Tear 3 Director's Cut

Okay I will try some of them, maybe all. I just could not stand the frontal battle screen of 2K and XP, even though I played only Laxius Bullshit on the XP and 1,2,3 on the 2K. The system is just stupid...Could be the games too.
Edit 1: Great first impressions of Demon Legacy - RM2003 RTP not installed or registered. First error of this kind I encounter with RM2003 games, now I have to download the editor itself just to run the game... So hard to include the RTP in the game files?
By the way, does any of your listed games has any kind of custom systems, like in FT3 there are tons of those, like orb magic, summons, books and not to mention every character has his own unique systems aswell?
Edit 2: When is Demon Legacy supposed to get interesting? I will play it until the end but still...

Final Tear 3 Director's Cut

Only thing I have in common with the developer is that I am registered on his forums where the game is being discussed and people ask for help.
I am not making you like the game. I can't do it too. All I am asking is that you do not hate on the whole game. For me personally the beginning was so-so, not bad, more like good. Maybe that is why I kept playing.
Then, if it reeked of amateurism, tell me any incredibly good RM2003 game that doesn't. (no XP or VX bullshit please). I have been looking for one long since I completed this game and Everlong. If you say this game is worthless , I must shit bricks when I play a game that is good according to this community.
PS: Not a joke, name 1, 2 or 3 or more of your favorite RM2003 games.

Final Tear 3 Director's Cut

Wait, is someone seriously expecting someone to play a game for over 10 hours waiting for it to become good? And if they don't play for 10 hours, it's their perspective on the game that's skewed? Really?

I am sorry if that is what it sounded like in my long wall of text. I never meant it. In short, this is what I wanted to say:
If you keep going the game is getting good. (I might add exceptionally good here, because I actually got hooked in the beginning, not having problems with the slow speed and etc.)
Do not hate on a game, when you have played 10% or less of it.
And if you DO hate it in the end, hate those 10%, not the whole game.

Final Tear 3 Director's Cut

So that is the only thing you can respond? My point is, when you hate and criticize on the game, hate the time you played it, not the whole game, because oh wow, you can't tell if you haven't played it. It may fool people that it is a bad game.

Final Tear 3 Director's Cut

*Yawn* We have heard all of it before... The game is poor. Face it. Keep your feet on the ground this time and everything should be Ok.

Haha, and tell me sir, until what point did you play? Oh sorry, why do I ask, it will not be more than 10 hours... Seems most people here are hopeless, judging the book by its cover.

Final Tear 3 Director's Cut

There.. should be a bit more "readable". I guess.. I just could not stand the hate on a game that no one (who was hating) has finished and I just typed everything I was thinking of in a hurry. It is indeed a long post, but I could not make it shorter.

Final Tear 3 Director's Cut

Sorry what does spacing out mean.. I'm not a native English speaker so yeah...
I strongly advise you to keep going. You will not be disappointed. At which part are you currently?
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