Hello world, you can all call me Light ehehe. My main hobby is actually digital art but I love designing video games too! I learned with RPG Maker XP, but recently got VX Ace, so I'm learning with that now aha!
However I like the way XP looks a lot more :/ Not big on the bright colors and chibiness. But the best part is that it's all customizable! C:
If you need any art for your game such as face graphics I would be happy to help!
You can see my deviantart here: http://xmisslight.deviantart.com/

Thank you for stopping by on my profile!!~~~

Current Projects:




I think English would be better because more people here speak it; if you need help translating with grammar and such I can hopefully help out :)
But it's up to you ;u;


I need to learn more French ;A;


I love the look of this! Beautiful mapping<3


Simple, but I actually like the hard edges of the text. Well I guess it get's the point through xD


Looks promising *U* Can't wait to play it!


The only thing I don't really like much is the bottom typography (maybe a smaller black font? -personal tastes-), but anything else is very likeable for me C:!

Amg >.< yes yes I may change it, this was done so long ago. But I think I'll start up this project again!
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