Found out what the problem was. I decided to try and reinstall the game, since a fresh copy should have no problems. However, nothing changed when I started up the game. So, when I went into my save folder to upload save files (just in case they were messed up), I noticed that the save folder (located in C:\Users\\Appdata\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Everlong v3.31) also contained {.ini, .ldb, .lmt} files. The one that caught my eye was that the .ldb file was last modified in 1/7/2018. After updating those files from the ones in the main directory, suddenly things worked out fine. In addition to the final battle actually starting, my healing spells also have Reprieve now, which they didn't before. So yeah, I was stuck in V3.31A without realizing it.

Plus, I tested my Phoenix Cave save files and the Skill Shard system did immediately fix the skill mixing.

Anyway, here are the rest of the problems I found when going through the story (some might not be relevant now that I updated the game, but I'll put them up anyway):
1) In Smales' stat screen for the Arena, the top entry says "Battle Arena Incomplete", while it makes more sense it it says "Battle Arena Complete".

2) While in Default and Shield+ Mode, Sammy can wield weapons such as Staves and Whips, which I don't think he should be able to.

3) Right before the Altair boss battle in Atlantis beings, this happens:

That's all I have for bugs. Here's a few thoughts I had:
a) There are no book entries for the more recent additions to lineup of ultimate weapon guardians for Atlantis. It can help to have a small bit of information about their main gimmick, as I wasn't even sure if their attacks did anything (such as Parasite, didn't seem to do anything, might've been because I was wearing a Scarab Amulet). I recall that there used to be an NPC or something that gave you some information on how some enemy skills work. Couldn't hurt to append them to some of the existing books of the original four.

b) I liked the screen shake that happens when the final boss stores energy, makes it really obvious when not to attack. I remember this fight in the past, where I wasn't sure if he was still storing energy and attacked. Next thing I knew, my initial party was defeated and I had to use my backup. I also like how you get enough party members to fill out Team C now, instead of it being an inevitable defeat if victory wasn't achieved in a few hits.

c) Right after I finished the game, I realize how to activate Hard Mode now. I thought I was stuck in Normal Mode since that was the only option available when selecting a new game and it was only available after beating it. Kind of feel bad now since I didn't even feel threatened when fighting Uber Daemon before entering Atlantis. Will definitely do a New Game + Hard + Story Mode run when I replay the game in the future.


The bug with Sammy's equipment slot results from a conflict between his hero and class data. The engine doesn't resolve the dual wield flag in the desired and previously assumed manner, but I created a duplicate initial class to bypass the issue.

Here's a link to a small patch update that should cause Sammy to function correctly. Let me know if there's more issues!

The fix doesn't seem to work for me. It still forces Sammy back into Dual Wielding when I load the save.

Edit: In the Abyss, right after selecting the three parties before battle, I get an error message "Event script referenced a common event that does not exist." when the screen fades to white.


The game really doesn't like Sammy having anything but Dual Wield. In both Default and Shield+, if I load the game back up, Sammy's Weapon/Arm slot becomes the second picture above. It's a shame since no other hero really fits my strategy as well as he does, but I'll continue on without him for most of it.


Thanks for the saves. It is strange how I no longer experience skill mixing, but the seemingly simple fix using the Skill Shard system doesn't work. Could just be something about my device. I'll report if anything out of the ordinary happens.

Well, something strange did happen. I was doing some Phoenix Cave Battle Arena, and I came across this screen after the last battle:

After trying the first option a few times with nothing happening, I used the third option. Checking the equipment of my heroes got me to this:

Sammy originally had a Ziedrich equipped in the Arm slot. Strangely enough, this bug stuck with the previous save file I had, but seems to fix itself once I changed Sammy's style back to Dual -> Default -> Shield+.


I'll appreciate it if you can fix my saves. It is strange how it doesn't seem to be working for me.




Thanks for uploading the save files. I tested as you instructed and did not duplicate the bug, just as you are now experiencing. Adding some forced frame waits to the menu and skill equip code seems to have remedied the issue. Hopefully this error is fixed, but keep me posted.

The new code will also clean up hero skill lists if you load and exit the Skill Shard System. For example, Keen will no longer have multiple copies of Desperado, a skill that is not even on his list. Unfortunately, any heroes that have invalid skills on their lists (negative values or numbers beyond the database limit) cannot be fixed and still crash the game. The code should prevent this from occurring in the future.


Manage to make my way through Phoenix Cave without any further issues with skill swap. There are probably other maps with the issue, such as the Tower of Propugnaculum, where the problem started for me, unless the fix is universal. In the former case, going to have to go through it again later to find them.

I have tried to mess around with the Skill Shard system, and the mixed skills are staying.



There's definitely something in that room of the Phoenix Cave you mentioned that is causing the menu to behave incorrectly. If you could link or email your save files before and after the bug, that would be helpful. I'm not able to reproduce the bug.

Here's my two saves, with 07 being before the room, and 09 being the point Vixen's skill page causes crashes:


If you want my exact steps:
1) Start the game with 07.
2) Enter the room.
3) Open the menu then go into the main menu and check Vixen's skills. At this point she should have some swapping going on already.
5) Exit both menus.
6) Open the menu and go into the main menu again to check Vixen's skills. Now when I try to scroll all the way down, the game will kick back to the title screen.

Also, Keen's skill page is probably the most messed up of all the characters, but it's probably due to me using him the most. Does make scrolling down to his skills pretty annoying though.

Edit: Just installed version 3.31C. Whatever you did to fix the abnormal menu behavior fixed the issue. I'm trying my steps above in this version and skill mix isn't happening.


The Nemus Aevum chest you refer to must be the Dragonslayer. There is a hidden staircase beneath a tree, just barely partially visible. I don't want players to miss this chest, however, so I'm moving the tree to reveal the steps.


Just went back to to this and it's so clear now that you mentioned it. Definitely was a bit too much like a secret, I probably missed it since it wasn't mentioned in the Nemus Aevum book and I stopped looking for secrets after I found those.


There's no help totem in Pullus Unda I recall, and the dialog doesn't mention having to reveal the map anymore. In the current version it's intended the player starts with the complete map, rather than wasting time searching every nook for missing heroes.


I do remember there being some kind of help message. Maybe it was when you take control of your initial character after the Inceptum crashed.


Drakeor's Kurgalaxes is the equal of Beomaust and Ultima, the most powerful spells in the game at 12500 base damage. He needs high magic to reach the upper tiers of damage. Remember, skills drastically increase in power as your STR and MAG go up. Keen's probably reached his full potential, but Drakeor needs 1800+ MAG to max out Kurgalaxes. It's also a Breath, Dragon, and Summon attack that lowers those resistances and has spell penetration on its final tier. It becomes a godly skill, you'll see.


I switched out some of Drakeor's equipment and it actually did increase Kurgalaxes' damage to 7500. I was building him too much as a tank to take literally no damage from Overpower, but since he's my main Scarab Amulet user, guess I can buff up his offense a bit.

On a side note, I do like the increase in viable late-game accessories. In the past it was either status prevention or elemental resistance. Now there's also special attack resistance and speed to consider, really mixes things up in the customization.


Thanks for the update. I was planning to finish the game before posting, but the combination of being busy and getting the game-breaking skill-swap bug prevented that, so I'll post what I have so far on bugs:


1) I managed to pinpoint a location where the skill swap bug happens. Just installed the new patch and the problem is still there. To me, it happens in the first room where Trap Doors appear in Phoenix Cave. If you are within that room and you open/close/switch parties within the first menu, skill swap tends to happen. Opening and closing the first menu twice usually does it for me, with Keen in Party A or Vixen in Party B getting an error that causes my game to boot back to the title screen if I try scrolling to the bottom of their skill list.

The bug doesn't happen if I avoid the menu, since I can fight battles and open chests without it happening. However, it's a big issue in Phoenix Cave since you have to swap parties in that room, and multiple times from the little I played of it so far.

I have the save file before that room if you want to test it out yourself, and to make sure it isn't just me.

2) Keen's second skill scroll is lit up, but I cannot activate it. This is probably Dispel Slash, since it was around the time I picked up that scroll.

3) The Yellow Beret headgear item doesn't seem to prevent Paralyze, as my White Mage wearing it was paralyzed by Marowit's Luminare. Not sure about the Daze prevention, since lightning usually inflicts both and you can't see multiple statuses stacked on the same character.

4) In Nemus Aevum, past the first knight with the middle-left path taken, there's a chest on the far left up on high ground across a bridge that seems to be unreachable. I might've just missed a path, but the most obvious one seems like it's blocked by a flower.

5) Not too sure about this one, but it seems like Drakeor's Spear Rain's Piercing Resist reduction doesn't work with Keen's throwing consumable weapons. Could be that Pierce and Piercing are different damage types, or the bonus isn't significant enough to tell.


And here's some thoughts:
1) There are a few temples on the world map that haven't been updated, namely Mjollnir -> Vaethros, Lixandru -> Lixandra, Carbunkle -> Stellio.

2) Could be nice to know if a Dispel ability is Magic or Physical. Tried using Prismatic Eye on Marowit's Reflect to try to break it, but instead it was reflected back. Energy Collapse and Jump work well though.

3) The help totem in Pullus Unda says that the map gets revealed as I explore it, but it's shown fully at the start. Might just be a Normal mode thing, as I do remember having to explore on my own in the past.

4) In Nemus Aevum, Dragona says that Kuwadora is in the west, but he is actually to the east, unless left and right don't correspond to west and east, respectively.

5) Sammy seems very weak when he's reborn. This might be due to the fact that his weapons were originally balanced to deal about half damage each compared to others since he was the only one who dual-wielded, but he still gets hit with the penalty fully when reborn.

6) Drakeor and Vixen's special spells don't seem to scale all that well. For example, from the tooltip, Drakeor's Kurgalaxes deals about 3300 damage to all enemies at level 99, while Keen's Catastrophe deals about 7500 to all enemies in addition to causing status effects. Considering the effort it takes to get each of those, their skills just seem underwhelming in the damage department.


Thanks for the heads up on the autosave, might as well turn it on if the slots can't be used otherwise.

Right now, I'm having a problem with finding the Shankha summoning item. Apparently, it is located in the East Tower, but I've been searching there for a while and I still can't find it. Did manage to find the Bloodstone though, so I might be missing it.

==Nevermind, I found it in the Tower of Auctus instead. Apparently the book entry on Meridion is incorrect on the location of the Shankha.==


Hey Everyone,

Recently re-discovered this game after quite a long time (about 5 years ago with an early RM2k3 release). I was surprised to see that this game is still being updated so I decided to check it out, and I am amazed at how much has changed. It's still early into the game, but I already see a lot of new stuff and it feels surprisingly fresh.

I did discover some bugs though:
1) In Vanguard, a set of gray tiles (such as the ones surrounding the garden fountain) appear over the characters instead of under them.

2)Currently going through the Tower of Propugnaculum, and apparently I got hit with the skill mix bug. Justin suddenly got Prismatic Eye and Banishing Blade (Keen's skills if I remember correctly) as well as Arctica (from the animation, looks like Vixen's Ice summon). Since I recently got the new Lesser Shard accessory, I thought that was the cause of it and fiddled around with it along with the skill shard menu to try to fix it. However, all that did was also give Justin the Psyche ability as well.

I don't know if it's the Lesser Shard specifically, considering I initially equipped it on Meredith and she (along with Glen and Vetu) were unaffected. I do have a save before I started the series of dungeons (before Internus Vorago), so I can reload if things break really bad. It is strange how I do get access to skills from characters I haven't recruited yet, although hilariously does make Justin pretty powerful with his mix.

==Found a few more===

3) When talking to the merchant in the Airship Fleet battle with Glen's party, Sammy's and Keen's dialogue also pop up despite them not being in the party.

4) I was using the autosave feature at the beginning, but recently disabled it since I manually save after every little thing anyway, so I rather have the extra 2 save slots. However, during the first visit to Fhorestian, when I used Slot 14 to save, and the game changed Glen's name to (Autosave 1). This persisted into other saves and also during dialogue. Saving in Slot 15 changes his name to (Autosave 2).

I'll report if anything else strange happens. Despite the weirdness that happened, I am enjoying the game a lot. Thank you DJC, for making and maintaining Everlong. And I honestly won't mind paying for the game, for the amount of content, systems, and the interesting fights that happen later on that I can recall.