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As for Aurora Shards - did you get the one at Orbital Prison 3? That one was a bit tricky and required examining almost all the walls (up/down) there.

Yep, I have that one already. I think you're bound to find it since ...
the G.P.S. unit does not work there, and the path to unlock Level 4 is also a secret.

Places that I'm unsure that I've fully explored are the maze-like areas ( Underwater Facility 1/2, Dam Facility, Avalon 1-3, Central Tower of Avalon, Under Stynx 1-3 , and Orbital Prison 1 ). So if anyone knows the locations of any shards there that aren't plain obvious, it might help.

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Thanks for the info on quizbot. So, it seems the easiest way to get it over with is this:
- enter the Bridge
- go left, right, left, left, right and enter the door by the ladder
- go left and if quizbot isn't there, follow the path to the exit and enter the Bridge once again
- if he is there, save the game and answer his questions
- if you fail, either reload if you got less than, say, 20 questions right, or exit the area and enter it again

And I guess it's time to find all the Jokers. Here are the ones I remember:

Inner Core 2 - ???
Abandoned City - ??? (Erin?)
No Man's Land 2 - Indy
No Man's Land - Gray
Orbital Prison 3 - Violet
Sewers - ???
Main Prison - Red
Rebel Base Prison - Hawk
Slums - ???
Bridge Facility - ???
Warehouses - Reeves
Oberon Tower - Kugar
Factory - Tinder
Underwater Facility - ???

And the list of Mirror bosses:
Slums - ???/???
Core Shaft 1 - ???/???
Outer Perimeter - ???/???
No Man's Land 3 - ???/Lavitz
Rebel Base - ???/???
Dam Facility - ???/???
Manor - ???/???
Jackal Labs - ???/???
Underwater Facility - ???/Tinder
Below Stynx 2 - Red/???

I'd say that was pretty much how I got through the G-quiz. I'll add on what I remember for the locations:
Sewers - Jake
Slums - Silvra


Slums - ???/Reeves
No Man's Land 3 - Gray/Lavitz
Manor - ???/Kugar
Below Stynx 2 - Red/Tinderbot

I'm starting to forget the locations for the original party members, been a while since I've fought them.

I could do with the locations of Shards. Completely out of Aurora Shards and there are still some skills that require them.

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Have you tried...
going against the full powered Behemoth with that setup? I'm pretty curious as to how that team would work against it. Trying to beat the damn thing myself (without using anything "broken" ) but so far not much in the way of positive results.
Since I'm discussing more than the mere name of a post-game boss, I'll use spoiler tags.

Based on what I've seen, I don't think my team's average of 3700ish HP can stand up to the 6k damage every it does round. I tried it earlier and it appears that, currently, if I fail to keep it SPD Crushed and Erin Speed AND EX Boosted at all times, everything falls apart very quickly. I'd also have to slowly chip it apart with Violet as I'd be fortunate to get Buster Cannons off with Gray, considering all the time he spends either dead or tossing items. Erin must guard at all times that she isn't using Second Aid to revive the team. Basically, the way I see it the battle can be won, but Erin MUST ALWAYS get two turns for every one that the Behemoth gets in order to do it. There would be absolutely no room for error. There would be almost no way to successfully get Buster Cannon off considering how critical the buffs and debuffs are in this fight. I certainly wouldn't be breaking 50k damage with it without ATK boosting Gray, and I'm already having to upkeep one buff and debuff while guarding every single attack it does to begin with.


I kind of forgot to add this to my data:
X-Destruction also seems to remove all of your positive buffs, like what De-Material does. I personally don't use buffs all that much, but for the times I did it seems like the moment I get hit with X-Destruction it's gone.

OK, I've finished the main game and most of the post game (all the optional areas and first batch of Mirror bosses) but I'm now having a crisis of faith. To progress further I need to do two things:
- find the quiz Tinderbot and answer all the questions. Since his appearance is random, I don't really feel like replaying all the dungeons in hopes of finding him and not blowing one of the questions and having to find him again. It'd be cool if there was a save point nearby one of the spots he appears in, but alas...
- grind the optional characters to level, say, 40 just to stand a chance against Reverse Mirror bosses. As good as AAG battle system is, I ain't doing that for 10 characters, no fucking way. Really, no auto-leveling up for bench warmers is so stupid... BTW, beating Jake's Mirror boss was a nightmare, same with Gray's (I mean, that guy could use his EX every other turn without activating it! Now that's broken).

Random thought: an item for disabling random encounters would be a godsend. Without it reexploring old areas in hopes of finding Jokers and secret areas is a chore.

My final party: Leon, Erin, Violet. Indy is just too squishy and will always be underleveled. Hawk... I have no idea what's up with that guy, but he was so useless, same with Jake. Overall there were like two times as many characters as there should've been, but you know it already. Extra characters are gimmicky as hell and, like I've already mentioned, need lots of grinding to bring them in line with the main cast. Will anyone bother? Time will tell... I know I won't, so I ain't finishing the post game without some sort of way to auto-level.

Yeah, I've been at your point of the Orbital Prison for a few days now. I personally used ...
the bridge facility in Ceres, since the path from the entrance to the Tinderbot's location isn't long, and there's a save point right next to him, and on top of that, the exit hall is also between the Tinderbot's location and the save point, also making it convenient.

I feel that I should've posted this sooner, but I think I've discovered a glitch that you can use to evade all random encounters anywhere in a dungeon. ...
Whenever the exclamation mark appears, no matter the color (Red, Yellow, or Green), just quickly go to your main menu, inventory, and use the Personal Device. Just be sure you are able to enter the main menu before the actual battle starts. This had always worked for me to get past random encounters whenever I felt that I just want to explore. Not sure if this will stay available, but might as well use it to the fullest for now.

For the bonus characters, I'm just doing what Neok suggested, just go through the game again with them. You can also try "power-leveling" them ( have at least one high level character in the group to kill a high level enemy ), but I found that it creates more gaps in my main party than I would like. Although I do have a little fact...
You can actually defeat Tinderbot's shadow at level one, since his only HP damaging attack is his EX, just prevent him from building enough EX to use it while you build up yours ( easy with certain Modes). I've also defeat Kugar's shadow at about Level 19-21. Once you get above about 1300 HP (maybe a little more due to the randomness ), it's definitely doable if you guard when you anticipate damaging attacks ( Especially saint sword, but if you're damaging his EX it does become pretty obvious when he's going to use it ). For me, his Arc Saver did about 1285 damage and his Light Pillar did about 1100 damage. Sacred Sword did something between 2200-2300. All of his attacks are able to be halved by guarding. So it might be a lengthy fight, but possible.

I'm not sure if this was due to a glitch, but for me, Hawk actually auto-leveled with my active party when he rejoined and I put him in my party ( in the place of Gray ). On my backup save right before the Behemoth, I had Leon, Erin, and Gray for my main party before the end of the game, and their levels now are, on average, 57. Hawk's level on that save is 58, and I did minimal grinding, none of which only included Hawk from the four. It's basically why I've been using him so much, his HP growth is pretty high ( nearing 6k HP at that level, while the others on the main party are just near 4k ).

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If it makes you feel any better, Behemoth scared the crap out of me earlier today and totally made me eat my previous words.
I made it to the laser and started with a hit for about 90k and thought "Wow, if that's like 2/3's of his healh, then this will be over in a minute! Maybe I should just straight up fight him?" I then hit it for 10k with Gray, another 20k from Violet using CRISIS and a couple of EX's, and then Gray let out the mother of all Buster Cannons for 55k. Do you know what it did after that? It whispered into my ear: "Thank you sir, may I please have another?" as it used Earthquake for the second time. It took probably another 50-60k damage after that (roughly 3 Violet EX's and 1 more from Gray for ~20k) before it finally went down! Also, for each EX that Violet used, she used Machine Gun once to charge up before hand... It deals 5000 damage with CRISIS... I'm pretty sure that the Behemoth has like 250k HP, easy based on that fight. That sounds like a quick fight, but it doesn't mention all of the turns spent healing/buffing and rezzing Violet from pretty much every time she got hit
Have you tried...
going against the full powered Behemoth with that setup? I'm pretty curious as to how that team would work against it. Trying to beat the damn thing myself (without using anything "broken" ) but so far not much in the way of positive results.

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What are good areas for low-level grinding? And how long should I stay for each area?

I forgot most of the areas near the beginning of the game. Trying to get level up the bonus characters since most of them have a hard time beating their shadows at Level 1 ( with the exception of Tinderbot )

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I'm still trying to figure out how Karsu's getting 5 EX off the bat to do Violet's special. Pulsar takes 3 turns usually.

If he manages to have 5 EX at the start of the battle, he might have the Revellion Mode ( 20% HP/Rnd, 6 1st AP, 5 1st EX, 0 EX/ABI ) equipped, unless I missed a mode somewhere. I personally like using the Scion Mode ( -5% HP/Rnd, 3 1st AP, 4 AP/Rnd, 3 EX/Abi ) or the Chaos mode ( -20% HP/Rnd, 8 AP/Rnd, 3 EX/Rnd ) as it usually allows me to use my Exceed ability every other round after the first activation.
My favorite combination post-game is to equip Hawk with the Chaos mode and Justice Sync + Zero System sync, as it allows him to cast Orbital Assault every round after the first round, and uses the -20% HP loss per round to his advantage to increase damage ( can go anywhere from 8000 damage per round to 20000 damage per round depending on resistances).

And regarding to:

You mean with or without

using the laser cannon at the very bottom of the area?

It might be possible without, but I've never tried. Let me know if you're successful :P

I actually never realized that there was an easy way to beat this boss. First time I ran through the level I was actually pretty scared because of how merciless it was when it caught me ( 1 round game over ). So the moment I saw the exit I just ran for it, and since I saw that level 3 was unlocked I thought I was done with it. When I just went back and found the laser cannon, the Behemoth was actually quite pathetic when it's weakened. Shame the prize for killing it on easy mode wasn't that great.
I went back and collected some data on the hard version. Casts X-Destruction every round, about 5k-6k damage per round while causing Crush ailments, doesn't seem to have problem with resources even with AP Crush and negative AP field. However, X-Destruction can be guarded against and the boss isn't as fast as I thought, so I still believe it is beatable in hard mode.
If I find that beating the ultimate boss of the game isn't satisfactory, then I might go back and take up on this challenge. Will need to do some grinding though, since only Hawk at the moment can survive X-Destruction without blocking.

And I would still like to know if the hard version has a finite amount of HP.

Sorry for the amount of text in this one.

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Still got this pretty minor one here, original question was posted 1-2 pages ago, but essentially:

Is the Behemoth in Orbital Prison Level 2 actually beatable in brute force combat?
And a little question about Trauma in Orbital Prison 3. I thought its language skills were already degraded by the time the party fights him because he drops a note when defeated. How come it was able to speak to the party pretty clearly before the fight( I'm assuming it's the same person ) ?

Also I can't seem to find Tinder's Hideout anywhere, is it a secret area I have to discover?

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Have you tried completing the Street Tournament in Charon? The reward for completing all the levels helped me with finding the orbs.
No, I haven't finished it yet. I was pretty close, but none of the other rewards on the list looked interesting at the time so I stopped. Granted, I can only see up to 80, but I got to the point where I just wanted to try running through the final dungeon instead. I'll go finish that up if my next attempt at the final boss meets a similar result to the above.

Thanks for the advice!

Yeah, most of the rewards aren't anything that special, only once I got to the final two rounds was when I felt glad I've done it (If you liked G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N., you'll love C.R.I.S.I.S.).

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Thanks GreatRedSpirit, it seems to work so I'll give it a try.

Is the Behemoth in Orbital Prison Level 2 actually beatable? And if so, do we get rewarded for it? I mean although X-Destruction is a pretty nasty ability, it doesn't instakill your party the same way Aila's Nova does. It has ????s for its HP values, but as long as it has a finite amount of HP I think it is beatable with enough Speed Ups ( especially with Erin combined with the Nova mode found in Orbital Prison Level 3, which allows her to cast First Aid every turn after the first turn if there aren't any -EX or -AP field effects ).

...Second, has anyone found the the Soul Mirror fights(little glowy orb things near a save point) in the Dam Facility and the Slums? They seem to be even more cleverly hidden than the Manor's (Which I'd have never found without a save point to mark it). I've looked them over a couple of times so far and can't quite seem to find them.

Have you tried completing the Street Tournament in Charon? The reward for completing all the levels helped me with finding the orbs.

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Neok, what the heck do these shard items do?

No one seems to know!

If you don't mind me answering this, they are basically "currency" for extra abilities. By now you probably realized some gray floating guys in certain dungeons saying a description for a character. If you have access to the character at the time ( doesn't have to be in your active party, but that character has to be selectable as a choice for your active party ), it will ask you for a combination of the four shards in order to "purchase" that ability.

I hope that answered your question. And I do wonder if anyone found that bonus area I was asking about, guess the name wouldn't be too much of a spoiler, it's the Orbital Prison. And if someone can tell me how to use spoiler tags, I'll appreciate it so I can ask more specific/clearer questions.