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Anyone remember when Tinder's Hideout in Isle is supposed to be available in post-game? Can't seem to get access to it now, and in my first playthrough I remember I had to reset optional content just to get it up.

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You really don't need 3 Pulsars to complete the game. In fact, in my first playthrough of the game I skipped Pulsar until the very end. Chaos, Vice, Scion, and ( eventually ) Nova should be enough.

Violet is a pretty situational character. Her Exceed ability is limited to Force/Freeze, so she can't do much when the enemy is resistant to both. She the top character in the main cast when it comes to hits per Exceed ( second with optionals ), so the 'Always ---- Damage' syncs work well with her.

As for the Post-game question:

Triggering the fight with Metal Hydra is automatic once you enter post-game. I was able to go straight for it on my fresh Clear Game save.

However, if you're looking for access to the area under Stynx, try searching the Main Prison of Stynx.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

I believe both Nova and Revellion are both found in post-game content. I definitely know Nova is, but I kind of forgot where Revellion is found. It's going to have to turn up eventually, so I'll tell you when I do find it.

Yeah you don't need to worry about much. This game is practically Final Fantasy 6 Lite in terms of gamebreakers. (SPD Boost/Crush Fields, Blitz/Arc lines, Static-damage sync + Violet, etc...) And actually, when you fight Aila as the final boss, she isn't weak or resistant to anything. The only elements you need to worry about are freeze, burn, and shock. You'll see why when you fight her. ;)


Actually, "Always ---- Damage" syncs work pretty well here as well, especially if you have the C.R.I.S.I.S. by this point and don't feel like juggling syncs around. And Leon's Killing Point pretty much solves the problem if you don't want to worry about syncs in general.

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That's the playlist link of the bosses. I'm also in Phase 8, so you might find some use soon if you're having trouble with the last bit of the story mode. Check back on it from time to time, since Thanksgiving Break is coming I'll have the time to do a chunk of it. Shards and voice commentary/full playthrough(in the future) are in a different section.

From my observation, two Zero-Systems do stack damage on each other. Once I get up to a boss with 150% Burn Resistance, I can test for sure ( I personally didn't find the extra Zero-System in my first playthrough ).

Chaos + Toxication Field will bring your HP down very quickly, use the combo if you believe that you have a lot more turns than the enemy.

Some of the good Defensive Modes ( like Revellion in combination with the Heart of Mysia/Al Di La sync ) can be useful in some boss fights that do a lot of damage quickly. Although other modes aren't that useful, I'd just keep them for collection purposes.

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Well, in my boss walkthrough videos I'm basically doing it from a fresh start without any random encounters. If you can wait for me to start on the optional content, I'll be happy to show you ( been pretty lazy the past month with it ).

But what I do suggest is picking up a second Zero-System. It makes a lot of the boss fights a lot easier. You should be able to pick one up from Tinder at about Phase 5, but don't wait too long or his stock will change.

About Zero-Systems and enemies with Burn resistance, look at the first video above your last post ( with Aila ). Her resistance to Burn is about 75% there, if I recall correctly. That should answer your question. Also don't forget some characters have abilities/Exceeds that have set elements ( Shooting Star and Killing Point, for example).

And I think you should be fine at level 30, you shouldn't need the HP except for a certain optional fight, but it wouldn't be worth your time unless you're really looking for a challenge.

By the way, you can take one of the saves from the Save Files page if you don't feel like going back to get the extra Zero-System. It should include whatever's in the video. It's behind on the Street Tournament though, but I wanted to leave as many optionals for others as I can.

Guess I should get back on track with AAG now.

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I am speechless.

(I do wonder how well it would work on Aila, though, since she isn't weak to Burn... DKC hits with all elements though, so it'd hit her weakness to Psych. What of the final bonus boss, though?)

Sorry for the late reply, just got to the more interesting part of the game in the video walkthrough:

She didn't even get the field effect off, that's how effective it is even if the target has Burn resistance.


Also, seems like the first duel with Leon is timed:

So, seems like using damage combat-items is just a waste here.

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Yes, CRIT Boosters seem to be an "all-in-one" deal, but it also counts as a separate boost from the other seven, so if you have another boost, it'll stack. So ATK Boost *and* CRIT Boost on one character should quadruple your damage.

(And if you're just using DKC for elements, Tear of All Ocean is a better idea, since it increases Speed, the one stat that can't be increased by enhancers. Double Zero-Systems are still better though.)

I can confirm some of this with a recent test. Leon with Vice ( -5HP/Rnd, 4 AP/Rnd, 1 EX/Rnd ) was able to gain 8 AP per round and 4 EX per ability ( Double Shot ) with EX Booster, AP Booster, and CRIT. However, when I tried to stack it with ATK Booster, he didn't do any noticeable amount of extra damage. I think it's because his ATK stat with the DKC already puts him at 962 Attack, so CRIT may already increase that to near the maximum.

And remember, Zero-Systems are of the Burn element. So if the character has an Exceed ability of WPN type and the enemy is strong to Burn, it wouldn't do as much damage.

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Wanted to ask abt something:
1. If i use enhancers to max out the stats, does it still make sense to use syncs like Demon King Cradle ? Do Syncs have hidden attributes ?
2. Does the guard stat really not work for my characters ? Do i equip only ATK gear and ignore the GRD gears then ?
3. what exactly does the CRIT booster do ? is it an attack booster ? a stat booster ? is it a double damage item ?
4. How do u delete extra posts (See horror below)


I'll try to answer these to the best of my ability. I haven't touched the game in a while so I might not get everything right.

1. For the Demon King Cradle( DKC ), it actually can still be very useful even if your characters have 999 attack without additional equipment. Reason is because the DKC will attack with all elementals, which means as long as the target has a weak element, the DKC will always deal additional damage due to the target's elemental weakness. It is useful for some battles where the enemies have different weaknesses ( Orbs come into mind ).

2. From my experience and from what people in this discussion has said, your characters' GRD stats don't really do much for you. Since it doesn't seem to mitigate damage at all, and healing abilities will heal characters with a higher GRD stat for less HP, it doesn't seem worth it to increase GRD at all.

3. All the Stat Boosters ( ATK, GRD, MND, SPD ) seem to double the stat they increase while it is active. HP Boosters will give your character +10%HP per round. EX Boosters will increase the EX gain per round by 1. AP Boosters will increase the AP gain per round by 2.

The CRIT Booster will, as far as I can tell, activate all of the above Boosters all at once. Not too sure about this answer though.

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Seems like some people have trouble finding the Pulsar Mode, so I decided to go back do a quick one tonight to show how to find it:

Unless you're talking about the Chaos Mode, which is also another good offensive Mode.

I personally missed the Pulsar mode and some other good stuff in my first playthrough. Recently got multiple Zero Systems in my current playthrough, so I'll see just how broken they are for myself.

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How much of a time-frame do we have...

..before we can no longer take advantage of Hawk's auto-leveling by putting him in the party at the end of the game? I'm planning on using three or more other characters for some parts of the game, but I want his level as high as possible in a certain part later.