Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Looks like I got hit with another copyright issue:

Your video, Let's Play Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis - Part 5 , may include content that is owned or administered by these entities:

* Entity: Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society Content Type: Musical Composition

Thankfully, it didn't completely mute my video. The bad news is, seems like some parts of the world won't have access to it ( not that it matters that much right now ).

Speaking of which, I'm still open to suggestions on what to replace "Blast My Desire" with, and possibly other music tracks, before I get to late-game and post-game where this will start becoming more frequent.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis


I do admit that Erin was kinda useless during the postgame bosses, though. She'd just sit there most of the time and do nothing. Replacing her with someone else probably would have been prudent, but I guess my traditional JRPG instinct of "OMG HEALER = VITAL" was preventing that from occurring to me.

And now that I look back at what I did, it seems like I'm doing more of a "video walkthrough with some commentary" than a "let's play". Seems like it's probably best if I change it.
Nah, I think those are fine. Not sure what other peoples' opinions are, though...

That's what I kind of liked back in AA...

Since there weren't any Stim fields, Erin was actually useful from beginning to end. You really had to choose whether you want area healing or more damage. I just fought Aila again back in AA, and I found out that Erin's First Aid was really helpful since then my damage dealers can concentrate on taking out Aila before she Extinguishes, while Erin keeps everyone's HP up so they don't have to worry about trying to Stim each other up from the damage per round, wasting precious turns.

I just think my commentary isn't "Let's Play" material, it's kind of hard since I already beaten the game, knowing a lot about it, and trying not to spoil anything. That's why I've stopped at Part 3 for now, should be enough material to show where I should I improve in the future videos. Of course, I do have more stuff to say about later events since I played through it more recently. Started from the last phase of the demon, which's why I don't remember a lot of stuff early on.


Thanks, I was not aware that if you keep on using the floating teleportation ball you go to another area...
Also, I love how you used the personal device to evade encounters, that was sick :D

Yeah, heard a lot of people complaining about that, guess I should've mentioned it before doing the video to show the path.

And the personal device trick works well when doing a "no random encounter" run, Neok said it was partially intentional, so I'd use it if all you want to do is explore.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

I'm having trouble in the underwater facility. Like, can you give me some sort of hints, i.e. a particular water level I need it to be when I go to a certain section of the dungeon.
Relative to the beginning of the dungeon, with the pyramid, I can't find a water level that let's me go right beyond that point. I almost always end up back at the area where you drop down two levels with the item on the middle island.


In my first time through there, I spent an hour in the Underwater Facility thinking I was supposed to go to the bottom right of the pyramid. Turns out, you're actually supposed to go up in a different screen to collect an item.

If I remember correctly, if you get to the top of the area with a switch along with a X-shaped drop down back near the pyramid, you're supposed to set the water level back to high ( I think that's what you do ).

Well, I looked at what I said and it doesn't seem like it's specific enough, so I decided to record how to get to the item container you're supposed to get to. If you're really stuck, go ahead and click it.


Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

I adhere to the same conduct as elipswitch; damage items really do make things too easy. And with Erin, who needs healing items?

Ultima Weapon was one of the few times I did just say "screw it" and chucked items to eliminate the bits. It's *way* too hard otherwise.

I also just chucked bombs during
the first fight with Aila and both fights against Leon

but I think that those are pretty much unwinnable without bomb spam. :/


Once you get access to Stim Field Cs and Ds, you can replace Erin with another Damage dealing character, which helps to speed some fights up.

I believe that the ...

first fight against Aila and the fights with Leon are possible without combat items, they might just take a while. Breakdown + SPD boosters should make it possible. Problem with Aila is that her field effect will slow you down and drag the fight on. Problem with Leon in the duel is that Erin is pretty bad at dealing damage, so you'll be there for quite a while if all you're using is Rifle/Sniper.

And now that I look back at what I did, it seems like I'm doing more of a "video walkthrough with some commentary" than a "let's play". Seems like it's probably best if I change it.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Just started my Let's Play of AAG ( and my first LP in general ).


If you want, head over there, watch it, and give me some thoughts/suggestions on how to make the video better to watch.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Well, I'm slowly continuing this run of AAG again, now for the sidequests.

The boss in the Slums where you get Ai Di whatever, the thing freaked me out when you heard its movements. Oh yeah, I changed the boss theme that way I don't get hit by that stupid copyright thing again. >>; I'll try and change it into something better.

Heh, guess they finally found you with the music, didn't they?

By the way, which Track is it? It'll help me to know if there's another one besides "Blast My Desire" that's under copyright.

Yeah, when I re-entered to get the Al Di La, I thought to myself "Hmm, the ground didn't shake the last time I was here." Although I thought I heard you mention about that place being too long and have "nothing" counted as being suspicious, thought you'd be ready for that kind of thing.

And good to see that you're back into it, hope you have fun with the post-game ( don't forget the secrets ).

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

I think this game will be a good one to start LPing with, as there isn't really a set walkthrough that states everything about the game yet. And there isn't like 20 different LPs going on right now ( at least, I don't think).

I have to admit though, I am kind of shy when it comes to speaking, so it may take a while to get used to it.

Also, I may take some time to replay the Innovationists path back in the original, just so I can say the differences between the two when I come across them.

By the way Neok: For the Turrents, the bosses that you encounter if you try to cross the bridge at the Bridge Facility without the Passcode, why were they so hard to beat?


That was my best attempt at them so far with my Avg Level 15 (2/3) new game party. Doesn't seem anyone else has a video on this boss so I can't really compare.

Didn't expect such an intense fight to happen this early in the game.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis


I wanna find the other characters and stuff. But I don't even know where to begin. X_X;
Let's start with:

-Shard Locations
-Optional Dungeons (How to get to.)

That's it, everything else I'm willing to do. Sidequests are fun, but get overwhelming if you don't know where's a good place to start. X_X;;;;

Also Mr.Neok, if you are going to make a side-projection, why not make a drama CD thing. :P like some of those popular animes and games do? But instead just make it only a big BIG cutscene.

I am doing a Shard + Boss walkthrough right now. I do plan to do the Joker one also, but it's going to be near the end of the story mode so I can knock most of them out at the same time.

Shards Playlist : http://www.youtube.com/user/Missileboater#grid/user/FBE1C95D58225D0C

(By the way, I feel like I missed a shard somewhere along the way)

I actually want to do a live walkthrough of the game. It would be faster since I don't have to be "perfect" with bosses or shards when showing. I'm know I'm going to suffer when I have terrible HP growth members (Violet, Indy, Celia, Jake) in my party. However, I don't have a microphone so I can't commentate. However, once I do get a microphone, I think I'll actually do it. This is a game that I enjoy and it ain't as confusing as Lun's "The Way" story ( at least, I hope not)

(Small Question: By the way, are the movements at the end of
supposed to be possible?)

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

I'll send a PM, since anything I say about why it took me longer than it should would probably give it away.

I did play that part with sound. Kind of had the feeling that the creepy part was over after the Face Maze. Although I guess you are right again. With that dramatic sound effect, you'd think that we'd be shocked at what we found in there. For me it just caused me to think of theories of what happened, but none of actually why.
(Side note, is it even possible for anyone other than yourself to know what it means with just information given in AAG?)

One question, although it probably is way too early: Will our save files from AAG be used in AAV in any way? Will probably not be for levels ( damn, all that time wasted grinding ), but I'm thinking of more like Golden Sun --> Golden Sun 2 : The Lost Age, in that if you do certain things in GS, it will influence/gain you access to events in GS2:TLA.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

And no, I really, really hate looping rooms of any kind, especially when they lack landmarks. Half the reason I hated Legacies of Dondoran's bonus dungeon was because every single floor was like that.

Is the Energy Pak stronger or weaker than the Celestial Orb? That might give me a clue as to where it is, since I'm pretty sure I had the Celestial Orb by the time I finished story mode as well. (Or did I get it in Below Stynx...?)

Couldn't get into Legacies of Dondoran, hated the first 1-2 dungeons and just quit right there.

Here's the stat when equipping the Celestial Orb and the Energy Pak on the same character:

Celestial Orb | Energy Pak
Attack = 964 | Attack = 949 / Difference = 15
Guard = 116 | Guard = 91 / Difference = 21
Mind = 450 | Mind = 435 / Difference = 15
Speed = 21 | Speed = 21 / Difference = 0

(lines won't align)