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TWO people have found the secret room now?! D: Things that can be lost forever make me a sad panda. At least it doesn't seem like I'm missing much, and Neok has promised to reveal it when AAV comes out...

But anyway. I believe I found a solution to the general dislike of the final boss music. As I said in my previous post, I think Deep Calm would fit there perfectly. However, that track is also used for Kugar, so a different track will have to be used for that battle. The solution: "Confrontation At The Mind's Core". This was one of my favourite tracks from The Spirit Engine II, which had an all-around spectacular soundtrack. I think it fits the Kugar battle well. (However, Neok, if you wish to "officially" replace Kugar's battle music with this in the next patch or something (and I suggest you do), I would recommend contacting Josh Whelchel and asking for permission to use it... I know that some authors can be rather touchy about using their work, even if you give credit where credit is due)

Oh, and good luck with trying to pull off another gamebreaking stunt with Violet, ARPerson! :o

I will now search for the Ultima mode and attempt to defeat the final bonus boss.

Edit: Where is the Energy Pak? It's mentioned in the G-Quiz as a better version of the Celestial Orb, but I haven't found it anywhere. (Please don't say it's in the core please don't say it's in the core please don't say it's in the core...)

First off, let me just say that you really aren't missing much ( think everyone who knows about it will agree ).

Have fun searching for that mode, hope you like end-connected mazes. Currently at Disk 2 ( getting busy ), but if you haven't found it by the time I get to the UF, I think I can rediscover and show you where it is.

Also, if you had no trouble with the final story boss, the super-boss shouldn't cause you much if your HP levels are about 4k+.

And the Energy Pak is not in the Core. In fact, if I recall correctly, I had it way before the final story boss of the game.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis


@missileboater: Best of luck when you take on the behemoth at a lower level. The best tactic I was able to come up with was trying to stall him out with Al Di La on Erin & Toxication. But there was absolutely no room error, and it proved rather frustrating when I would be a touch slow on the draw to issue a guard command. I can safely say that if you don't have roughly 3300-3500 HP if you decide to use a HP draining sync then you're probably toast. It tends to leave no room for errors or HP totals less than 100%.

I still have no clue of how to get a party strategy for the behemoth at low levels. It feels like I'd spend all day reviving and watching them do nothing but die cause they're not fast enough...

Actually, I was really close in one of my attempts with my level 50-60 save. Did it enough so I know which turns to guard, what items to use, and when to attack, etc.

But then, things started going downhill when I started running out of Spd Fields. And then, when my Stim fields ran out, and I died rather quickly after that ( Erin can't heal fast enough, especially without speed altering items ).

After that I decided to take a break. That's why I decided to start fresh and conserve as much Credits as I possibly can up to that point so I'll be more prepared.

On a side note, if you check out cybermega's video on it, he was able to make X-Devastation do only about 2.4k damage while guarding. I found that kind of interesting, of course he did use a post-game save with multiple Zero-Systems, so I'm not sure if I can have access to it on a non post-game completed save and with the way I'm doing this run.

Might have to use both Hawk and Dread as strict item users, I really hope it doesn't come down to that though. Unfortunately, there isn't a character with high HP growth that does very good damage per round/Exceed.

And good luck on your damage test.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

It's the greatest targeting glitch!! If you select an ability while your previous character is attacking, the character will select the new target for their attack. Thing is, if you do it quick enough, you can nail both the previous target and the new one. I have a theory that this can be done twice (resulting in 3 attacks). I dunno if this works with EX moves since you can't target enemies during the attack. (Can you?)

I've already done a double Frost Diver with Violet and double Ether Round with Leon. I'm now looking for a triple Buster Cannon.

Depends on the character. Ones like Leon (Blast Revoler, Killing Point), Gray (Buster Cannon), Hawk (Indignant Variation), Scott (Blastfire Barrage), Violet (Shooting Star), Indy (Vampire) have to target with their EX.

Ones like Gray (Dark Force), Indy (Femaelstrom), Jake (Temporal Stasis), Dread (Hellion Flare), Celia (Aether Breaker), and Erin (Second Aid, Providence) don't target with their EX. Those are examples from the main cast.

Can't give a general definition since Lavitz's EX kind of breaks it.

My question is, can you get into their menu before the previous character's EX animation takes over?

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Heh, just when I saw ARP's post on him finding it I decided to try out one of my newer ideas, and turns out it actually worked. There's one thing you did about it that threw me off for all this time, but I'm sure you know what it was. By the way...

"once you find out how little there is in that room"
You weren't kidding, not sure how there could've been less and still be a "room" with meaning.

And congratulations to ARP for being the first to report finding it.
I still got my walkthrough to finish, so I still got a ways to go in this game. Kind of not looking forward to the full powered Behemoth with minimal grinding.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

For anyone that remembers, had you found it hard to keep everyone alive at the Slums boss ( 2 guys and a cat )? With no experience gains except from forced encounters and trying to preserve as much Credits as possible for everyone else's preference, no matter how hard I tried at least someone dies at some point, mostly Violet. Thought my plan was decent enough, but I want to make sure if I should re-do it to the point where everyone can make it across the fight alive.

And for the record, I only have 6 Stim As and 2 Stim Field As, trying to save as many as possible.

For reference, I'm referring to this boss:


Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Originally I had it so that they had all their abilities unlocked initially, but then I changed it so that you had to lvl them. If you migrated your savefile over from a previous demo, then yeah, you would have access to all of them.
I started a completely new savefile on the completed game and she started with five skills instead of three like the others.

BTW, if/when you do get in there, do you think you could keep what's in there a secret? It's not that big a deal, but it might be better not to reveal it publicly until AAV comes out.

If Missileboater does put up pre-core saves, though, people could probably figure it out themselves. Maybe not with how incredibly vague you're being though. >_<

So the way to get to the secret room *is* in the face maze? Great...

Anyway, Missileboater, it's been so long since I've found most of the shards that I can't really help, sorry. :( I think there's one in the slums, though. (In the same place as Jake's darkside battle, I believe)

I probably won't do a pre-core save, as there isn't much of a point since there's only 3-4 bosses left after that. And Neok said that he did want to keep this a secret until AAV comes out. I'll be really really surprised if it manages to evade us for that long.

However, it did start to get me thinking differently after his last hint.

It is something in the face maze, but I'm thinking that it isn't all of it. Again, I think that I'm missing something really simple here.

Actually, I think you're right about a Shard being in the Slums. I'll check soon, thanks for the heads up.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

I'm currently doing a shard locations playlist along with my boss walkthrough.

If anyone remembers, it'll help if I have a list of the earliest that we can get the shards in order. I only really need the area name on the list, I pretty much remember most of the specifics of each area.


To see where I am at so far.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

(For #4, I'm thinking the that the Warehouse is next, could be wrong though)

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Heh, I hope we don't need the sound on for it. I kind of mute it every time I try since I get creeped out by the BGM (especially the sudden stops/starts when entering a door).

I also ...

found it kind of strange that the one time that I was able to make it through without the "eyes" of the "faces" lighting up, it still didn't take me to the destination. Unless the meaning of the quote is completely different. (I'll admit, I never liked English/Literature).

By the way, how do you attach files to your messages?

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Damnit, managed to get into some new rooms today, including one with the soldiers from the Dam Facility, and rooms with "red mist", and I thought I was getting close. However, still didn't get to where I wanted to go. I'll keep trying, there has to be something I missed.

I keep getting the feeling that I'm missing something really simple. Pretty sure it's (c) now, just not sure how to use it properly yet.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Is there any reason for that one weapon that reduces all dmg to 1?
I had Erin use it to make her a bulky healer and nothing but a bulky healer before I realized... it makes you heal 1 HP as well...

Stats, it gives a very good boost to Speed ( At least Al Di La does, not sure about Heart of Mysia ). It is intended for strict item users, as Stimulants, Combat items, etc. aren't affected.