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Seems like I"m pretty much stuck if the music file is in .MP3. All of the converters from MP3 to Wav seem to only convert a percentage of it unless you buy it.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Use the program Cool Edit to change the format of the wav to ACM Waveform. I don't know where to get Cool Edit anymore, so you'd have to look that one up a little bit.

What if the music file happens to be in .MP3 format?

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

I think I know the way to change the music in the game. You see what you do is, you have to make a music file in the format Its a WAV in ACM Waveform. I make my bgms in that format when using Cool Edit, if you wanna try that then go ahead, just when you paste the music in his game, the name of the boss theme must match word by word when putting it in.

I'm not quite understanding what you said here. Guess I should specify my problem. The music file that appears to be the one that's blocked is 'Fgt (Special B) MOVE - Blast My Desire.mp3'. What I originally thought was to rename this to something else (usually adding a - in front ), and rename another boss battle track in its place, and just switching it back when I'm done.
To me what you're suggesting is to create new music files, but that's why I would appreciate some clarification. Thanks for the response.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Hehe, I think the reason was I moved really fast in crediting Avex Entertainment with the other videos that had the same music.

Either that or they're blind as piss, I could just go and re-upload the video I bet they'd not notice it, heh heh.

Very strange, mine got muted the moment that they were uploaded, and on their "copyright" page it says that just mentioning where it came from wasn't sufficient.

"# I gave credit in the description. Isn't that enough?

No. Giving credit does not give you authorization to upload the content.

Oh well, just a bit bummed since the sound does make the Shade Bit ( Shadow Ultima ) better.
Hmm, noticed that Jaymonius managed to get the track into his playthrough. I wonder what he had to do to remove the mute. If it is anything complicated like having to contact the company directly, I probably won't do it just for a fan video on a boss of a non-commercial game.
They probably just missed him or something.

I heard Neok mention this when I asked to actually replace the boss music in the folder. However, been trying to do it myself and I can't seem to. A hint would be appreciated.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Hmm, noticed that Jaymonius managed to get the track into his playthrough. I wonder what he had to do to remove the mute. If it is anything complicated like having to contact the company directly, I probably won't do it just for a fan video on a boss of a non-commercial game.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

By the way, aren't the "Zones" just fields?
You mean Aila's Field Effects? I guess. Even though the only person who ever benefits from it is her :P

Actually, speaking about the items that you get after the fight and the "credits".

And i want to add to my previous post : I kept Hawk there just so it's consistent with my other videos. Characters that were mentioned in the Nightmare video description would work better in this battle. He couldn't really do enough multi-element/"Always ---- damage" damage to be in the damage role, so might as well put him into items.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

And what's this about "post Orbital Prison optional boss"?
Remember how, after you beat Nightmare, the camera cuts to the Underwater Facility 2, and shows the teleporter glowing? Go to it now and you'll be transported to the hardest boss in the game. I haven't beaten it yet.

I'm sure some of you were waiting for this:

Alter Aila ( buffed up version ):
(might take a bit to process)

My thoughts:

Well, forcing me to give Hawk his survival setup for Behemoth Hard Mode and to give the Chaos Mode to Leon makes this worthy of a super-boss. Demon King Cradle was almost essential for my strategy since it's the sync that has the highest Attack Power with all Elements, meaning it can always hit an orb for decent damage. The Chaos mode was very helpful since it allowed Leon to get his Exceed every other turn, with each Exceed being able to take out any one orb. Erin is in charge of healing in this battle and even reviving, for once. The Nova Mode is very helpful for Erin, as with it, she can cast First Aid every turn after the first if she does not use her Exceeds. Hawk's job is to make sure to keep buffs and some debuffs going and to throw some top tier combat items to assist on the orbs and damage on the boss itself.
Took me two tries. First one was to get used to her pattern and attacks. Second one was to adjust my setup so my party can perform better ( Forgot about Hawk's Gear, but it didn't matter too much ). Finally, a third time to record it.
Overall, I say Alter Aila is a pretty satisfying super-boss.

Kind of surprised that even though this is like more than 2 times as long as the Orbital Prison final boss, the file size was still about half of that one.

I also want to apologize for all the unnecessary scrolling through the Items screen, you can tell that I didn't use items all that much until the challenge. I'm also not really that accustomed to speed runs/walkthroughs (with the exception of MGS).

By the way, aren't the "Zones" just fields? Or am I just misunderstanding their use?

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

I personally found Shade Bit to be quite easy.


Audio's muted due to copyright by Avex Entertainment, Inc. though (damn), so hopefully you won't mind the silence.

Man, wish I had a bajillion HP when I fought him... :P That would have made life way easier.

You didn't even have to put up with the really annoying features of that fight. Like the potential for someone to take over 4500 points of damage in one turn. Or the fact that each crystal randomly kills one of your party members when it dies (Erin was a favorite and it also liked whoever was getting the next turn, whatever seemed to hurt most at the time...). Or that stupid Erin seeking (it has NEVER targeted any other character than her in the three times I've fought it and it was used at least once each time) Lethargizer E that sets your AP to 0 at the most inopportune moments, basically causing you to lose a turn, period. Or all the nasty crush statuses that laser causes (in the worst case, stealing your turn with EX crush, cause you don't even know you have it thanks to the Speed Boost you've inevitably applied...). I mean, it's all cool since it's an optional boss, and almost hilarious considering some of the exceptionally bad luck I had. I mean, Neok surely wouldn't have installed character targeting preferences in the DBS, right? ;) But that bad luck doesn't make it much less nasty.

I'm curious if you can just blow through the post Orbital Prison optional boss like you did with Shade Bit, now...

In response to your post, I've decided to remake the video:

This time I did have to deal with most of the nasty effects you've mentioned. It included getting Crush effects, having Lethargizer E used on me multiple times, and having my turn skipped to do a Crush hidden under my Spd boost.
On top of all that, I decided that I will not let any character fall below half health or else it would simulate death.
Lowest HP values for each character are:
Leon - 3259
Erin - 3027
Hawk - 4208

These HP values are about as much as they had at their level 40s.

And even with all that, I still managed to kill Shade bit before the countdown ran out.

Oh, and after the first time I encountered it, I pretty much learned not to touch the Shadow Ultima bits if I didn't have to ( combat item them all the first time, didn't end well ).

Sorry for the Audio, seems like it's the battle music.
Neok, would you mind if I renamed the battle music in my files to another boss music track? I think it'd be less of a hassle if you let me.

And what's this about "post Orbital Prison optional boss"?

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

(Best to only click if you're really deep into the Orbital Prison)
More like, completed Orbital Prison already :P.

Not necessarily. Some mechanics for that boss might cause some people trouble if they haven't used certain Syncs or characters (one of the reasons why my fight was a bit longer than it had to be ).

I do have a mechanics question. Main reason I was using strictly Stimulant Fields for healing in the Behemoth fight was because Erin's First Aid/Second Aid usually only gives Hawk half as much HP as what either Leon or Erin gets. What stat determines how much healing a character gets from those skills?

Aww, looks like Missileboater beat me to the Behemoth. Good job, man. Not that it means that I'm not still going to try to do it eventually. ;P

As for Orbital Prison boss stuff...

Yeah, I thought Nightmare was a bit of a break compared to Shadow Bit, and the 4 orb thingies. Your fight went as smoothly as mine and I'm about 10-20 levels under you with my main team. Especially compared to Shadow Bit. Of course, just like Ultima Weapon was meant to "prepare" you for the final boss, Shadow Bit is meant to prepare you for a soon to be boss as well. At least, that's the impression I got from each fight as they used the same gimmicks as the final boss/super optional boss.

As for your recording style, nice job. You showed us your levels and gear setup, then went straight to business. Bonus points for having original sound instead of some kind of crappy music instead.

For the full powered Behemoth:
It's totally possible to defeat it at much lower levels. I basically leveled all the way up there just so Erin can take a full X-Destruction if the situation calls for it to shave some time. Since speed and many other stats aren't affected by levels, it's basically the same strategy, just going to take much longer since you guard to survive a X-Destruction. I still recommend you bring a high HP growth character though (Dread, Hawk), just so you have some room for error. I may record one myself someday if you don't, but I'm positive that you'll do it

And to be quite honest,
I personally found Shade Bit to be quite easy.


Audio's muted due to copyright by Avex Entertainment, Inc. though (damn), so hopefully you won't mind the silence.

Seems like my main weapon against these bosses is (Leon + Demon King Cradle + CRIT).

I think I'm going to complete the video collection of Orbital Prison bosses in time, as I pretty much have saves right before every Orbital Prison boss. Except for the entry boss, guess I accidentally overwrote it. Oh well, shouldn't take that much to get back there from my endgame save.

And Neok, if you can tell me which track is actually under the copyright issue, I may be able to edit it to fit sound in. If it's the area music before the battle, I'll just show my stats outside, if it's the battle music, I can transfer the files to my laptop, and just turn the BGM all the way down, but still keep the sound effects on. Unfortunately, my desktop's volume control doesn't have the option, but I wouldn't mind the transfer too much.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Well Neok was probably right about one thing, beating the Behemoth in Hard mode definitely made the rest of the optional area pretty easy.

(Best to only click if you're really deep into the Orbital Prison)

Orbital Prison - Nightmare

Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-l_8raLTY7Y

Would appreciate any comments/suggestions about the fight or recording style.

Damn flashy graphics, made this one about 4 times the size of the Behemoth fight, even though it's shorter.

And the youtube tags aren't working for me, maybe I had the syntax wrong? (Copied the URL from the top bar)