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Great lighting!


I really dig this cave.


Hell yeah, Breath of Fire vibes from that guy.

Crimson Sky Review

Whoa, what!? A review of Crimson Sky!? Wow, I did not expect that. lol

Thank you for the review! I doubt I'll ever pull this game back from the trenches, but your kind (and constructive) words are appreciated and certainly give good insight on how I can do better!

Yes, Tross was going to be a party member later on down the line. The story wasn't completely fleshed out, but something was going to happen to cause him to leave the Zervan empire (being framed as a traitor, or something like that) and join Haos' crew. Also, Bernard, Haos' subordinate who "joins" you in the intro sequence, is just an NPC along for the ride, which is why he never fights with you. He was eventually going to be a recurring character, which is why he was given a little more attention than other NPC's, but alas...

Anyway, thanks again for the review! I never expected anyone to play this, let alone write a review, 15 years later!


This is sick.

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Glad to hear the game’s still alive! Looking forward to seeing/hearing more! 2020 was a rough year for me, as well. These last few months have also been rough, but I’m glad you got through it all!

And congrats on the new job!

The lands of Eylin need your help!

I posted in the steam forum you linked. I hope my criticisms help!

I've only played about 7 hours and the last I played was months ago, so I don't feel that warrants a review of the game yet. I will try and come back to the game at some point to play more because I'd love to see the game succeed and facilitating that is always good! But, my experience with the game so far has not been all that memorable, so I hope you can make the necessary improvements to elevate the game to greater heights!

Tales from Zilmurik is now on Steam

Congratulations, Corfaisus!

I've already added the game to my wishlist and am anticipating it's release! I'm looking forward to it!

Lost in Dillaria

Found another bug: got the "invalid event was specified" message when saving the game after reacing 2-1. It happens everytime I load the game, too, so my save file is broken, now. :(

EDIT: Whoops, I see I'm not the only one. Save file emailed.

Ara Fell

Finally decided to buy this! Even more impressed it was available on Switch!

As I'm developing something with the English RPG Maker 2003 currently and hoping to eventually sell it commercially, I'm excited to play this game!

Was the Enhanced Edition also developed with RM2K3?