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Ara Fell

Finally decided to buy this! Even more impressed it was available on Switch!

As I'm developing something with the English RPG Maker 2003 currently and hoping to eventually sell it commercially, I'm excited to play this game!

Was the Enhanced Edition also developed with RM2K3?

Custom Message/Text Boxes

I've decided to go with the default text box, but I made a nifty sound effect to accompany its appearance on screen. I'm liking the result.

Custom Message/Text Boxes

This is a design question about a game's aesthetic. I'm having trouble deciding if custom message/text boxes are something I want to do in my game (a game that will eventually be sold commercially) to make it more unique.

Here is an example of RM2K3's default text box and my current custom one:

On the one hand, the default text box is easy to implement and quick to fix if needed, but I feel that it can be a bit boring having seen it for years and years.

On the other hand, a custom text box takes a little more effort to implement and must be done for every cutscene and NPC. It doesn't take up as large a portion of the screen as the default box does, plus it enters and exits the screen in a more unique way. Sure, it's as simple as the default text box, but I feel it may spice up the player experience just enough. My only concern with using the custom text box seen above is the box itself might feel a little too cramped, but I know some games pull that off just fine. Plus, there's no auto-positioning option where it doesn't obscure the player.

There are times in my game where, especially in the opening parts, there's a lot of text to get through for exposition reasons. I feel the text itself is written to be interesting enough, so I am ok with that aspect. Plus, the combination of music, sound effects, and sprite movements/animation spice up the cutscenes so their not tedious to read through most of the time, but I feel maybe a custom text box would help the game even more. It could also be that I've read the text numerous times and also am 100% familiar with the story, so the conversations between characters aren't as exciting. That's a thing, right?

In general, how do you folks feel about custom text boxes? Do you feel they add to the game's experience? Or do you think they're not necessary and really add nothing?

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

I really recommend to download my guide (link of page 6). There you will find anything to complete your game from items to strategies.

I am assuming your guide is also incomplete? I recall seeing stuff in the auction house that you did not list once I got to the final chapter, so that clued me in.


Basically the testing and fix phase. We understand.

What are the Zilmurik Scriptures you speak of? Did you elaborate on that somewhere else and I missed it?

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Does anyone know what the Reyel world map theme is from? Really like world map music like this!

[RM2K3] How to stop a battle event from executing on Game Over

I tried tweaking it and using variables, but it didn't seem to work still. I've decided to forego the life glyph altogether unless I can find a better workaround for it. Since I'm going commercial with this game, I'd prefer the least amount of RM2K3 oddities and glitches as possible. Thanks for your help though, Darken!

[RM2K3] How to stop a battle event from executing on Game Over

I'll get straight to the point: in my game, characters can equip items called "Glyphs" that activate during battle. When you run into a battle, a common event is called to turn on switches corresponding to what Glyph the character has equipped.

One of the glyphs is called a "Life Glyph" that automatically plays an animation and then revives the character with 10% max HP if their HP hits "0":

That works fine, but this still activates if it's the last (or only) character in the party. I'm still getting a game over (which is what I want to happen in this scenario) but, the battle event above is still activating because the character hit "0" HP regardless. I've tried to circumvent this by turning off the switches needed to activate beforehand if the party is wiped out:

...but it still wasn't working.
Yes, I tried to set Party HP to 0, as well, so thoeretically if the party's HP is at "0" (i.e. everyone's dead) it turns off the glyph switches immediately and stops the reviving event from happening.

To summarize, I don't want the Life Glyph activating if the dead character is the only character in the party or the last one to die.

I'm so close to accomplishing that.

Did I not understand how the "Party HP" battle event condition works? Or is there an easier fix?

[RM2K3] Making negative Accuracy Statuses affect Skills

I'm going to assume that's a hold over from RM2000 since rm2k3 doesn't even use messages, but rm2k does.


I'm assuming their's no way to implement this other than battle events or common events then? Other than that, the only work around I'd settle for is an enemy's normal attack having it's own unique animation. My biggest complaint with "normal attack" is that they all use the same animation, which is what I'm trying to avoid to make my enemies more unique.

[RM2K3] Making negative Accuracy Statuses affect Skills

I hate having to ask about this, because I feel like I should already know it, but either the help file is lying or it's just not as clear as it's saying it is.

In my game, enemies use a skill as their regular attack. I want statuses (like blind) to affect those skills' accuracy. RM2K3's help file clearly states this is possible...

...But it's not on the skill page.

Is the help file lying or something? I assume no, of course. That would be terrible. Where in the database can I make this happen? States tab? Enemy tab? I'm confused and really hope I'm not delusional or something. I've used RM2K3 for over a decade and didn't know you could do this with skills. :(