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Custom Message/Text Boxes

This is a design question about a game's aesthetic. I'm having trouble deciding if custom message/text boxes are something I want to do in my game (a game that will eventually be sold commercially) to make it more unique.

Here is an example of RM2K3's default text box and my current custom one:

On the one hand, the default text box is easy to implement and quick to fix if needed, but I feel that it can be a bit boring having seen it for years and years.

On the other hand, a custom text box takes a little more effort to implement and must be done for every cutscene and NPC. It doesn't take up as large a portion of the screen as the default box does, plus it enters and exits the screen in a more unique way. Sure, it's as simple as the default text box, but I feel it may spice up the player experience just enough. My only concern with using the custom text box seen above is the box itself might feel a little too cramped, but I know some games pull that off just fine. Plus, there's no auto-positioning option where it doesn't obscure the player.

There are times in my game where, especially in the opening parts, there's a lot of text to get through for exposition reasons. I feel the text itself is written to be interesting enough, so I am ok with that aspect. Plus, the combination of music, sound effects, and sprite movements/animation spice up the cutscenes so their not tedious to read through most of the time, but I feel maybe a custom text box would help the game even more. It could also be that I've read the text numerous times and also am 100% familiar with the story, so the conversations between characters aren't as exciting. That's a thing, right?

In general, how do you folks feel about custom text boxes? Do you feel they add to the game's experience? Or do you think they're not necessary and really add nothing?

[RM2K3] How to stop a battle event from executing on Game Over

I'll get straight to the point: in my game, characters can equip items called "Glyphs" that activate during battle. When you run into a battle, a common event is called to turn on switches corresponding to what Glyph the character has equipped.

One of the glyphs is called a "Life Glyph" that automatically plays an animation and then revives the character with 10% max HP if their HP hits "0":

That works fine, but this still activates if it's the last (or only) character in the party. I'm still getting a game over (which is what I want to happen in this scenario) but, the battle event above is still activating because the character hit "0" HP regardless. I've tried to circumvent this by turning off the switches needed to activate beforehand if the party is wiped out:

...but it still wasn't working.
Yes, I tried to set Party HP to 0, as well, so thoeretically if the party's HP is at "0" (i.e. everyone's dead) it turns off the glyph switches immediately and stops the reviving event from happening.

To summarize, I don't want the Life Glyph activating if the dead character is the only character in the party or the last one to die.

I'm so close to accomplishing that.

Did I not understand how the "Party HP" battle event condition works? Or is there an easier fix?

[RM2K3] Making negative Accuracy Statuses affect Skills

I hate having to ask about this, because I feel like I should already know it, but either the help file is lying or it's just not as clear as it's saying it is.

In my game, enemies use a skill as their regular attack. I want statuses (like blind) to affect those skills' accuracy. RM2K3's help file clearly states this is possible...

...But it's not on the skill page.

Is the help file lying or something? I assume no, of course. That would be terrible. Where in the database can I make this happen? States tab? Enemy tab? I'm confused and really hope I'm not delusional or something. I've used RM2K3 for over a decade and didn't know you could do this with skills. :(

[RM2K3] Question about selling an RM2K3 game with .exe hacks

I've read that you cannot legally sell RM2K3 games if you've hacked the RPG.exe file. To what extent does that cover? For example, I'm working on 2 major games with RM2K3 currently, and one of them I'd like to eventually make it available commercially (it will be quite a hefty game). However, I've changed the glyphs in the game to what you see below...

I would probably change all of the glyphs eventually, just so I can make the game that much more original. This is the only "hack" I've implemented and will most likely be the only one, considering.

But, with these changes in the glyphs, does that make the game ineligible for commercial sale? I hope not, as these glyphs have become integral to the games messages and menu management. Also, are there any other hack-like changes that bar RM2K3 game's from a commercial sale? I understand much of the hacks that Cherry has made are included. Just curious if I should go ahead and revert these glyphs back to normal if I plan on selling my game.

Also, is the official English version of RM2k3 still being updated and patched? If so, I would love to suggest edits and upgrades somewhere if I can (like the ability to change glyphs without hacking lol).

[RM2K3] How can I terminate a parallel process common event when teleporting the player?

I feel like the solution here is simple, but what I'm trying is not working.

I'm creating a game where enemies walk on the map. When the player touches these enemies, a battle starts. Normally, once the player leaves a dungeon the enemies will be prompted to respawn. However in some dungeons, I want the enemies to respawn after the player teleports to a different map screen (like, after 10 screen transitions, the dungeon's enemies respawn). I'm using a common event and the individual map teleport events to try and achieve this. See below:

This is the common event, which handles the showing of a picture to tell the player how many screen transitions are left until the enemies respawn:

What happens is the animated picture scrolls onto the screen, waits a few seconds, then scrolls back off. Then, the switch that turns on this picture to alert the player is turned off by the common event itself at the very end. The conditional branches you see are simply reading how many screens are left and showing the corresponding picture (it goes all the way to "10," but that's off-screen, each conditional branch has the exact same event commands).

This is each map's teleport event:

What this does is immediately turn off the common event and erase the picture, then it changes the variable of the respawn countdown. Then, it teleports the player before turning the common event back on.

PS: The call events you see at the beginning and end of the map events above are simply disallowing the player to hit the "cancel" button to open-up the custom menu system my game uses. Every single map teleport event in my game has them. The custom menu system, once the player has access to it, is a parallel process common event that waits until the player hits the "cancel" button to appear. It has nothing to do with this respawn problem, from what I can see.

What I'm trying to achieve is this: If the player enters a map, and then quickly enters another map again, I want the common event to alert the player as it should. But, what's happening, I believe, is the common event is still processing and not showing any pictures (because it already showed a picture earlier in the event commands) because the player entered a new map before the common event ended, even though the map events turn off the switch that activates the common event (which I thought should immediately terminate the common event's processing, but apparently I was wrong).

How can I get the events to work properly? I simply want the picture to get erased--if it's still on screen--when the player teleports to a new map before the common event ends, and display the new picture after teleporting. Instead, it doesn't show the new picture, but the map event still changes the variable (which I want it to do no matter what because the player is entering a new map.)

Help me, please! I'm dying' over here!

[RM2K3] Needs 5 "Mega Man" sprites made from scratch

Hey, it's Mitsu back from the dead.

Let me get right to it: I'm working on my Mega Man RPG again. Production is very smooth, but one bump is stopping me at the moment. I need sprites of 5 Mega Man Robot Masters to use as monster graphics. Each just need to be 1 static sprite (maybe giving them an interesting pose would be okay). I could take the time to do these myself, but production would be halted in other areas. So getting someone to work on them in the meantime would be excellent.

This is what I need:
- A Sprite of Wave Man
- A Sprite of Drill Man
- A Sprite of Tomahawk Man
- A Sprite of Skull Man
- A Sprite of Knight Man

I need all of these drawn in the style of Mega Man: The Power Battles and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters because those are the sprites I'm using for the Robot Masters that already exist in that style, like Quick Man, Guts Man, and Gemini Man. The 5 Robot Masters listed above were the only ones out of the lot I'm putting in my game that weren't in those two games, so clearly sprites don't exist for them in that style.

here is a link showing sprites sheets for Mega Man 2: the Power Battles so you can get an idea of the style.
Also, here's some direct examples:

I've actually found nice sprites I could use for Skull Man and Knight Man that look similar to The Power Battles and Power Fighters style, but their not perfect:
Skull Man I could use...
Knight Man I could use...
Considering the above two links, I would need these two last, so if they don't get created, I'll just use those sprites.

Oh, and for those of you who remember this game and the flak it's campy and obvious-fan-game-esque story got from some members…don't worry, that's being completely redone.

Anyway, that's my request. This isn't a paid job (I'm too poor for that at the moment), but any help in helping me finish this game that was considered cancelled for the past 6 years is greatly appreciated.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y - the 6th generation confirmed!

When the hell will they ever quit, eh?

Nintendo has confirmed the 6th generation of pokemon: X and Y version (the third installment will probably be called Z version, I'm sure).

Here's a video.
Invalid YouTube URL

It's now a full-3D game. I just hope this doesn't slow down the pace of the battles.

Here's a picture of the 3 (assumed) starters:

So what do you folks think? Anyone with the 3DS plan on getting this when it releases WORLDWIDE, October 2013? This notion is new, as Japan usually gets the game about a year before the Americas and Europe does.

I for one am excited for this. How about you?

Street Fighter X Tekken - It comes out

EDIT: OMG I'M SUCH AN IDIOT. Why didn't I finish the topic title!?!?!?

I was bored, and since I haven't seen this yet in the Videogames thread, I figured why the hell not.

Street Fighter X (pronounced 'CROSS') Tekken is the latest upcoming fighting game from Capcom. As you may have guessed, it is a crossover between the characters of the Street Fighter series and the characters of the Tekken series.

Now, for those of you who know--yes--both of these games are actually played differently. Street Fighter has a 6-button layout, whereas Tekken uses a 4-button system; however, the game will be using, for the most part, the Street Fighter system. Whether or not the Tekken characters in the game would be able to fight and execute attacks like they do in their own game was one of the fans biggest concerns, but it has already been confirmed that the Tekken characters will be able to be played just like they normally would be.

Invalid YouTube URL
Quite a large amount of information has already been revealed for SFxT.

- Fight with a team of 2 people. Though each character has an "official" team, you have the option of selecting whatever two characters you want for you team.

- The Gem System (which currently has most fans up-in-arms) allows the player to attach enhancing gems to their character that do various things, such as increase attack power, increase speed, or even have the character auto-block attacks. This was added so that mirror matches between the same characters wouldn't be as predictable and simple.

- Pandora Mode is somewhat the equivalent of MvC3's X-Factor. When you activate Pandora, the character you're currently using sacrifices the rest of their health and strengthens their partner. The now-empowered character has a limited amount of time to win the match, but they are much stronger and can use special moves and whatnot without their super-meter decreasing at all.

There are more features, as well. The video above will pretty much explain everything in detail... fuck you I'm lazy

I also would like to note that on the main website they have 27 characters on display. It was stated at some point in the past in that are still many more characters to be revealed. Most of the "leaked characters rosters" (all of which have been proven false at this point) had about 6 or 7 more than this for both the Street Fighter AND Tekken side. Which is awesome.

Here's some frackin' gameplay:

WILL YOU CROSS THE LINE?!?! omg lol im such a dork

Here is the official website

Oh, one last note.

So what do you guys think? Will you be getting this game?

Here's a site that convert midis to MP3s for free...

...and I know what you're thinking: they all probably end up sounding like shit. Sometimes, yeah. But, I personally find that only half of the time will you end up with an MP3 that sounds bad (generally because the percussion to too high-pitched, it seems). From what I can tell, if the midi is good, it's converted MP3 version will be, too.

Here it is...

The website (which someone may have posted about before, I can't remember, but I haven't seen anyone talk about it at all, so I thought I'd share) is free to use, but it will only let you convert 10 or so songs until it asks you to sign up...which is also free, so it's no big deal.

I recommend at least checking the site out and converting a few of your favorite songs, because--every now and then--you'll end up with something that sounds gorgeous, like this...

Need help eventing a custom-type of attack

I need help with making an event work right, everyone.

What I want the event to do is this: while on specific "combat" maps of the game, I want the player to use the "confirm" key to attack. The way I want the attack to be executed is holding down and then releasing the button. When the player holds the "confirm" key down, all enemies on the screen will stop and the player then has the ability to face any direction he/she wants before releasing the "confirm" key, which executes the attack.

- HOLD CONFIRM KEY - all enemies stop and the player can face different directions.
- RELEASE CONFIRM KEY - character executes attack (with accompanying animations) then all the enemies start moving again.

Thanks, guys.