A girl, soon-to-be-pharmacist, with these specific information:

Race : human

Name : Mizumori Fumaira / 水森 フマイラ (of course its only a pseudonym). Just call me Fumaira ^ ^

Age : less than 20 more than 10, has reached the legal age

hint: i am a sophomore in my college

Birth : 30 April--Taurus

Blood type: B

personality: sanguinist/influencer- ENFP (MBTI)

school : Bandung Kougyou Daigaku

location : Bandung, Indonesia (have you ever come to my place?)

hobby : listen, read, write, playing


-color :blue, black, red, white, pink

-pet : cat (i have some cats XD)

-food: spicy food, pudding, Sundanese food ( you SHOULD try it)

-drink: tea, milk, mineral water

-flower: chamomile, daisy, blue rose, red rose, jasmine