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As said on the label: these games are inspired by (directly or stylistically) by commercial titles. For the most part this means Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest fangames but a few other things have snuck in the list as well.

Mario Prime v. 1.2
A unique Metroid-esque adventure with elements from Super Mario Bros 2, multi-phase boss fights and tons of secrets. An epic journey awaits!
Adventures in Equica: Un...
Spell-Blastin' Unicorn Action RPG!
Pokémon RMN Version
Poketto Monsutâ: RMN
Pokémon Dusk
Pokémon meets zombieworld!
Crystalis: Sonata of the...
Action RPG fan-made remake of the original NES Crystalis game.
Dragon Warrior: Begin a...
A brand-new adventure designed specifically for fans of the original Dragon Warrior games
The Legend of Zelda (Sol...
Return to the Golden Land
Three (or one) go to heaven and then things happen.
7 chapters, 7 characters, 7 stories, 1 outcome, and a kedama.
Metal Gear Solid: Lunacy...
A mixture of Metal Gear and The Legend of Zelda
Cosplay Crisis
Identity- what defines the real from the fictional? Play and find out!
SaGa 4: Masters of the D...
A spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy Legend gameboy RPGs
zz Mystic Quest: Remaste...
A remake of what is commonly considered as one of the worst Final Fantasy games.
Pokémon S.T.A.R. Heroes...
It's Pokémon... BUT IN SPACE. Not really, it's just an Action RPG now.
Castlevania NKN
Completely original traditional 2D Castlevania
Super Smash Bros. Crusad...
A Super Smash Bros fangame
Metroid Nexus
A WIP Metroid fangame.
HOME (OFF fangame)
Spinoff project based off of Mortis Ghosts' "OFF". Play as the Judge through an abhorrent and abstract world.
Legend of Zelda: Flow of...
LoZ fangame based off the gameboy Zelda games!
Legend of Zelda: Origin
A completely new re-envisioning of the original two Zelda quests!
Legend of Zelda: Lost Is...
A full-length custom game made for Zelda Classic
Mega Man: Revenge of the...
A action-based platformer based on the classic 8-bit Mega Man games.
Paradise Blue
A Final Fantasy 1/5 style RPG that contains class changing/quests/and more!
Digimon World Ace: The L...
A classical-style RPG featuring Digimon
Super Pokemon Eevee Edit...
A retro Pokemon game with Final Fantasy influence.
Epic Paper Mario
An RPG/Platformer hybrid adventure!
Super Mario RPG: The Sev...
The Mario Bros. team up for an all new RPG adventure!
Super Mario RPG: The Sta...
Mario, Luigi and Bowser are on an all new adventure that spans more worlds than one!
Dragon Warrior Classic 2
The "Classic" Adventure Continues
Dragon Warrior: Legacy o...
Dragon Warrior Fangame in RM2k (2009)
Dragon Warrior Classic
Journey back to Dragon Warrior NES style.
Dragon Quest: Legacy of ...
Fangame inspired by Dragon Warrior 7 and Dragon Warrior Monsters
Dragon Quest +
A new remix of Dragon Dragon Quest.
Final Fantasy: Endless N...
Created by Delita Hyral X, FF:Endless Nova is a complete Final Fantasy fangame.
Final Fantasy IV Alter D...
A re-imagining of an alternative plot to the original story of Final Fantasy IV.
Day Dreaming Derpy
Part-timer Mom by Day... Dreamwalker By Night
Final Fantasy Blackmoon ...
One hundred years after Blackmoon Prophecy, a new threat emerges in the form of mankind's former friends. Espers.
Final Fantasy Blackmoon ...
When the Crystals of Element are endangered, only one dragoon can save the day.