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For games that don't quite fit into any of the other categories.

Exeunt Omnes
A game of strategic sophistry. Convince or crush the teenage girl who wants to end your reign of evil.
At Last Alone: Risen
Investigate the missing village in this tactics JRPG!
The World Is Made of Pap...
Reality is unstable.
Cute Action RPG adventure!
Get ingredients, make cakes, sell cakes. Can you save a town from a dragon with a sweet tooth?
April was a Fool
No, you can't date the Dragon.
Otome, slice of life, otaku culture
The Farming One
It seems that you just bought a new farm. Congratulations! It’s located right next to a town whose people fled from a group of bandits.
Nora's Tale
A Zelda-like action/adventure game
The Drop
A dungeon crawler set in the universe of The Reconstruction. Features a unique health system, environmental and property interaction, and stealth elements.
Learn a mysterious alien language by using their computers.
World's Dawn
"The best of Harvest Moon coupled with better writing" (
Nonlinear Action RPG made for Game Chill 2009.
Alcarys Complex
A story-driven action-RPG.
Golden Age: Endless Dung...
Explore the catacombs, collect loot, and battle enemies in a roguelike dungeon crawl with a retro feel!
Valthirian Arc : Daybrea...
School based RPG/Simulation. Take a role as a principal and run a Fantasy-themed Academy!
Shindra Duel Adventures
Download the GOLDEN VERSION this week!
Explore an abandoned moon lab after a very unusual accident...
Cookie Mountain Quest
Join Angelo and Nora as they team up to brave the land and rescue the prince from the evil gummy dragon
Heroine's Quest: The Her...
Explore the rich world of Nordic mythology as warrior, sorceress, or rogue, and stop the Herald of Ragnarok!