Hey, my name is Fredrik.
During the days I run a small game company with some friends.
On my spare time I like to tinker on weirder smaller stuff. In the past I've made some Gameboy games and I often participate in the Charas Community Games .
Here I will post and share everything I do with rpg maker.

Dread The Rabbit
A roguelike made in Rpg Maker 2k3



Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Blind: Looks great as usual!

Worked on some more on "dungeon crawl adventure jrpg thing". The first person areas will be for exploring and random encounters, the top down areas will mostly be story and puzzles. So the yellow on the minimap indicates where the areas will shift.

This is just a test map that makes no sense.

And here is some additional random screens:

2021 Misao nomination monthly data

I'm just gonna quote LordBlueRouges post here cause it's awesome

For anyone looking to fill in Last Minute Misao Nominations:

Dread the Rabbit was originally made for the 1.44 Floppy Disc Event,
but sort of slipped under the radar this year. It currently sits below 150 downloads.

It's a really impressive randomly generated rogue-like made in rpgmaker2003.
If you've played anything like Chocobo's Dungeon, Shiren the Wanderer, this should be right up your alley.

it's also 100% eligible for the Sleeping Beetle Ninja Award!!
If you're having trouble filling in this misao category this year.
This should be your first choice.

This was one of the highlights for me for 2021.
Very very cool game Momeka!! ♥

Dread The Rabbit

That's lovely, Blue! Thanks!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Roden: I really like that art. Specially all the buildings. Solid work.

Been working on a tileset and characters for a thing

I need oppinions from you all on re-using ideas/map/other things from a cancled game.

Like 90% of all I do in my games is just built upon the hollowed out shell of one or more of my abandoned projects. The last 10% will be scavenged to some future project when my current game is inevitable abandoned.

RMN Holiday Calendar

Nice, downloading right now!

Dread The Rabbit Review

Thanks for the review! Glad you liked it!

Nice to hear it runs nice in EasyRPG, I never tried it in it. Know it had some issues running Grimps with the bombs not exploding and such.

Fear the Deer :: 2021 Gammak Challenge!

Ah man, I should have made Dread the Deer instead

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Nomination November

Spent my entire marketing budged on this.