Hey, my name is Fredrik.
During the days I run a small game company with some friends.
On my spare time I like to tinker on weirder smaller stuff. In the past I've made some Gameboy games and I often participate in the Charas Community Games .
Here I will post and share everything I do with rpg maker.

Dread The Rabbit
A roguelike made in Rpg Maker 2k3


Momeka's Pixel Art

Here's a bunch of stuff. Mostly from old unfinished/scrapped projects.

In this game you played as kid who got sucked into a hell dimension through his closet. You had to fight some mage to get back home.
A random skeleton + the player:

Player getting sucked into a portal:

Skeleton merchant:

Alchemist skeleton:

Smoking skeleton:

Skeleton mages:


Potion golems:

Avenging spirit:

Lesser doppelganger:

Bomb ghouls. These guys were suppose to walk around on stilts in a river of blood. If you got to close they would throw bombs at you.

A boss:

In this game you played as a creature walking around in a gas mask. You had crash landed on a planet and had to fight phantoms of your old crew members to unlock new skills.

The player:


Random stuff:

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