I'm a amateur game programmer. 13 yrs old.

I'am working on my first RPG called "Viritra"



Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Finishing my first game ever "VIRITRA" :)

Multi-Language Template

is there a RPG Maker Vx ace version for this?

Retcon Library: Bestiary

It shows the wrong monster!? even though I write the description on the right monster?

Removing "Save" from Menu Command list

Thank you!

My Music won't work :/

What engine are you using? If 2k3, ogg might not work without a plug-in of some kind. Otherwise, I've no idea why it wouldn't work.

It's RPG Maker VX Ace

My Music won't work :/

My Music won't work :/

Well I was creating a new battle theme for my WIP game called "Viritra". but the battle theme won't work for any reason :/

it's a ogg file.


How do install this thing? cause I'm new here.

IG Maker

This engine is kinda hard but its fun to use!

Gaming Advice With Professor Know-It-All: How To Keep Your Gaming Audience Entertained

Funny achievements can get the players interest.
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