What makers work with Windows7?

How are supposed to run windows 7 in XP compatibility mode?

Hello from Roberto!

My tech teacher's name is Roberto, he's a fag.

Anyway welcome to RMN, as Kentona said, post lots!
(Also, I'm guessing you're not a fag)


I really like the look of this world map.


Ooh, you need to add lots of more detail to this room, particularly in the center.


Hmm, not bad.


Thanks for fixing this!

What makers work with Windows7?

What makers work with Windows7?

I haven't been on in a while cuz my old PC got a virus, so I got a nw PC and it's got windows7 on it.
So I was wondering what makers would work, particularly 2003.

Goals for 2010

Hopefully finish Gardia... Which will be revealed to the public soon!!


Hmm... Maybe you should revamp your maps and relese a new version, it's never too late to do that.

Favorite RPGmaker game?

Wozers... I started Demon Legacy, once I'm done I'll probobably write a review on it.
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