Looks really good!

Way of the Gun

Yes! I think this game is going to be epic. I love a good spaghetti western. Subbed.

Orchandville: The Game

I love me some Zombie Apocalypse! Subbed.


I'm using a combination of Victor Sant's Light Effects script and some parallax mapping.

New rule: Stop posting shitty blogs

I think I overreacted. I see the value of this rule. Incidentally I broke this rule drunk without realizing there was such a rule. How do I delete a blog post? I'm mildly retarded and I'm not seeing the option.

Slow Progress

I made this post when I was drunk. I didn't realize at the time that short blogs were not allowed. I'm trying to delete it but I'm not seeing the option.

LT Pirate Rush 1

For the record I apologized and I WAS drunk. :/ I don't recall asking for anyone to die either. I think my drunken self just felt that it was a little over the top. I don't want there to be any hard feelings, please, so let's drop it.

This is a great game Galv. It's funny all the scripts I recognize. You've got some great ideas's hard to not want to copy some of them... ^_^

New rule: Stop posting shitty blogs

I was curious about these blog posts that were 'shitty' so I started checking out blogs. What I found was that most of the 'quality' blogs were largely ignored while the 'shitty' ones received a lot of attention BECAUSE of enforcement of this rule. In almost all case the reasoning for the blogs being 'shitty' was disputed by the poster or one of the fans of the said game. To me this just feels unnecessary and counterproductive: it feels like a peeve more than an actual problem. I would think in an era where TL;DR is the norm that this wouldn't even be an issue. But it's not my site--do what you want.

LT Pirate Rush 1

Sorry I'm three sheets to the wind and I'm normally not critical of people. You should do what comes natural to you and everyone else be damned. ;)

LT Pirate Rush 1

The voices...the constant jokes...most of which were not really funny. It just felt like the commentator was trying really hard to be entertaining but it wasn't having the desired effect. IMO I think the commentator would do a lot better by keeping the jokes to the minimum. It was really detracting...Are you the commentator? I wasn't trying to be rude.
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