Sweet Middleground 3 ~the lost keys~

Advertising : i'm french, my english is so bad you can killing myrself by reading

Advertising 2 : i know the author, my note will be not objective

So... What can a said the other players didn't say ? No... let's begin by the essential.

I loved that universe. The characters, their psychologies, their evolution, the art... I loved all of that. This is work... I dont say that because that's simply work, i say that because this is a very good work, and not easy.

I'll not telling about the actual who dunnit in modern TV show you know, where the evidence presentend at the last time during the arrestation that would be annoying, no.

What is interesting in a good who dunnit ? The game, when the main protagonist telling the truth you are like : omg he's right ! I had the evidence on my eyes ! That style of games. This game successfull.

But... that's not the only reason why i loved this scenario. That's an other reason. During a long time, i was not fan of romance. Now, i'm not today. But today i think i can like, and analyse their elements. And this game, or story.... Definitly this story, had successfull combine the both, romance, and who dunnit.
Why ? Because as player (or reader), i can't during the investigation separate the two part of them. Why ? Because i played the 2 stories before, that last was interesting and good, two good story (and not game to me), So the clues are inclued (for a minor, but important part) i wasn't able to ignore the relationship between the protagonist.

So... Let's talk about them. For resume, i'm jealous about Vincent, Antigone is a good person well writed, and sexy. But finally I'm not jealous about Vincent because he have the quality to grown up up Antigone. This duo, this couple is successfull (like all Zorga's couple... except for la revanche, maybe i don't know). Not only, the 2nd characters are adorkable. But's that's not important.

Why This third game was good ? Because the equilibrium. Lot of who dunnit sacrifice a part of character for the question : who is the culprit ? Or lot of romance author sacrifice the who donnit part for the love.

That's not here. The both were equilibrate, plus, they combine. I can say you can't resolve the enigma in the game before the protagonist if you can't empathize with them. That's a important part.

I'll pass the graphic part here. That was a good work. You have the impression of level up in graphism, we have animation bla bla bla that's good. No contest.

In the end, i'll describe the negative part. I'm french asian and i didn't like the asian fan part's. Not because she's asian or... Whatever... That's like ocean, a caucasian. Not the problem is... We don't know at the end why their was not here at X moment and why they were here at X moment... That's miss at the end, but that's not important, but it 'important for me to reveal that fact, some explications missed.

However, very good game.Play it, please.
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