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[RMMV] My game doesn't work for some of my players

Hello there.
The majority of my players play my game without problems, but some of them can't even start it. Here is a description of what's happening to them.
Can anyone help me? I really don't know what can be an issue.
We also have a demo if you would like to test it out.

[SOLVED] Asking for clarity - is my latest submission still reviewed, or did it bug out?

Hello there! It's Aureus from Moral Anxiety Studio. Nice to meet you.

I haven't posted on this forum before but I made a couple of article submissions on in the past. Only the very first one of these articles was "declined" (and was accepted later on, after making some recommended changes) and in all of the cases the submission was reviewed in between 1-4 days.

My latest submission, titled RPG Maker MV – How good it became? was sent 6 days ago and is still tagged as "Pending". In no way I want to push you guys into reviewing it /as soon as you can/. I know there is at least ten thousand good potential reasons why you didn't have time or interest to look into this submission yet, but I was wondering if there is a chance that my text was somehow lost in the limbo, maybe it's bugged and invisible?

If everything is under control, I would be very happy with any sort of confirmation under this post. As I mentioned, I don't try to hurry you guys. Please don't interpret my question as an attack

I wish you a great day!
- Aureus
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