An aspiring game designer. I have absolutely no knowledge of game design in any aspect and am frantically searching for more information. Some article or another led me to this website and so far so good.

As for my likes, well a few would include music (currently learning guitar), anime, martial arts, movies, reading, art, photography, and it goes without saying, video games :p. There's more of course but that's just what comes to mind.

Currently I'm in the military, preparing for the civilian life in less than 2 years (hence the frantic searching and learning).

I'm always open for new advice, friends, anything really.


Microsoft Courier

Anyone else think the Microsoft Courier looks promising?

This is Microsoft's answer to the iPad. It is slated for release towards the end of the year but all details are pretty thin right now.

The concept seems to be leaning towards designers of all kinds but it will do that well if it turns out to be anything like in the videos. It should also be a nice ebook reader and journal keeper amongst other things.

The fact that it folds is great, not only for screen protection but also that you can have a keyboard on one side and screen on the other (i.e. Nintendo DS). I think that setup should be more gamer friendly that the iPad.

As I said, details are slim and the device is only on the drawing board, but I urge you to check out the link and check out the videos.

Engadget - Microsoft Courier:

RPG Maker VX Help:

I'm a newbie to the game making process. I'm trying to learn as much on my own as I can, however, I figured I'd try and get some forum help. So in hopes I don't upset anyone:

I downloaded RPG Maker VX. I tinkered with making a map for an hour or so but the stock graphics only give so much. I know there's a few tutorials and I'm interested in this RM "School" game but it won't load. I assume this may be in part due to the fact that I don't have an RTP (whatever role that serves I don't know).

I'm also looking into learning Ruby language, but as I understand it, there is RGSS2 that is Ruby geared towards game making. Maybe I have that wrong. Any explanations, tips, or direction would help. Thank you for your time.

Also, I want to learn how to import sprites (and make my own eventually) and tiles, and how that whole system works.

Thoughts On: Horror Games

What are you favs and dissapointments?

I liked the Silent Hill series, but this Shattered Memories game for the PSP is killing my enjoyment factor.

Also the Resident Evil series. As much as I like the gameplay of the next-gen Resident Evil games, I can't bear the fact that they delineated (with good reason I suppose) from their original formula that I wish it was called something other than Resident Evil.

Dead Space was awesome IMO. It had atmosphere, tension, and lots of jump-out moments which are always fun in movies and games. Plus, the game play was fun and unique.

Echo Night (PS2) - It was as original as I have seen for the genre, thought it is a sequel. It was one of the spookiest games I've played (course I HAD to play with the lights off and really get drawn into the game as I do with all horror anything). But it built a tension for survival, which, survival is hard for you should you come across any malicious spirits, seeing as you're not ghostbusters and you have nothing to defend you except running like mad. Which it itself is going to be hard to save you because you're in a space suit.

Thoughts On: Lost Oddessy

This game I actually had low expectations for. I never thought about buying it and at the most renting it to see if it was worth my time. My friend let me borrow it for some time and when I got around to play it I thought it exceeded my expectations by far. There's alot I liked about the game, including the storyline, the dramatics, the battles, and the setting. Most people would argue that Kaim was an emo fag, but I think he's a more interesting character than alot of what I've seen in a while.

Thoughts On: Guilty Gear Series

Personally I think it's one of the best fighter series around, though I know many will disagree. I just find it more enjoyable than other fighters I've played so far (not that I didn't like games like Tekken, Soul Caliber, Street Fighter, and Dead or Alive; just enjoyed it more).

I like the characters, they are unique to the fighter games genre. I also like that just about everything in the game is based on rock music of some sort. And the band that made the music for the game rocks.

The fighting system I also like because it allows for a huge variety of combos that you piece together yourself, rather than follow a strict sequence of buttons. The speed and agility of the system is also well implemented and it doesn't make the fighting seem clunky.

Last but not least, I like that there are several game types to enjoy, from the easy story mode (with a story that I liked quite much, I wonder why it hasn't been made into an anime yet) to the super hard "Mission" mode.

My only regrets is the super sad lack of lagless online play and support throughout the games.

Another newbie

Hello all. I'm new to game design (absolutely no knowledge), so while researching the industry I came across this website and figured this was a good place to start. So far i've seen some good information and I'm about to start using RPG Maker for the first time, any helpful indivduals that wouldn't mind answering questions from time to time p.m. me please.

I have an ambitious project (and I know ambitious is a relative term here on an indie board, however, it's ambitious for me as I have no skills prior :p).

A little about myself: I'm from Miami, stationed in Georgia (Air Force). Currently in the desert and looking to get into the game industry after the military. Thus, I would like to create a decent portfolio. I like to learn things and I'm currently learning guitar, how to draw (again), martial arts, and more. I like rock music primarily but I'm open to all genres, anime, horror, and wait for it . . . video games, SURPRISE!!! lol

In any case, I'm an easy going guy so ask me whatever.
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