Requesting an Old Gem some might remeber.

I am not sure if any remembers this pretty vulgar game. It was called Don's Adventure, or Don's Quest, the main character had a ball cap on. There was a lot to it and it was a hilarious and solid game. I cannot find it anywhere though. I was wondering if anyone had a mirror to it, or remembers it.

Large project in the works

After playing many RPG's over again in the past couple weeks, I got what i think is a neat idea.

I am going to make an RPG, containing all of the most "famous" characters, from various series like Final Fantasy, and others like Legend of dragoon, and kingdom Hearts.

I am working on a story line to tie them all together. The basic gist of it is going to be a corrupt god is wiping out the "multiverse", you start out in a normal modern, after surviving an attack your warped to a new land where you must begin traveling time, and dimensions to gather up a band of heros to overthrow the corrupt god

Dire Need of Help

I need two things very badly, I cannot seem to find a tutorial for the "Party Caterpillar System". I also need to know how to make the animations move to the target and attack in the battle screen, i know its something simple, but I am having trouble remembering everything, its been years since i started a project.

Thank you in advance.
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