Random Games button is so awesome

Concur'd! On a side note, I also find it encouraging that there are so many games being developed on RMN.

Regarding use of face sets

I'd actually recommend trying to keep the face options in- it sounds like a fun detail. I don't think this sounds so outrageous when other gamemakers are drawing huge anime-style characters posing for specific dialogues. Maybe a good compromise to prevent it from getting out of control is to just limit this variety of faces to specific cutscenes- so that, when Hero goes to speak to Random NPC #14 in Town 1, he isn't showing off 3 different faces.

The Most Important Aspect of a Game

Fun. Nothing else matters if the game isn't fun to play.

You're right, but TooManyToasters is also correct that this can be a little broad. If anything, I think amateur game makers need to focus less on story and more on solid game mechanics that make the game fun- complex dungeons, challenging but fair combat, etc. Although it's anathema to me because I myself prefer writing stories to designing dungeons and combats, I think an amateur RPG with a crappy story and fun gameplay is still fundamentally good, while another RPG with a great story but boring-as-hell gameplay is undeniably bad.

And as for what I feel is least important- the graphics. I think graphics can make a great first impression and get people to play the game, but if the game sucks otherwise, all the custom sprites in the world won't redeem it.

Wii Sports Resort

The person who coded that game knows curling and knows how to curl. in-turns, out-turns, sweeping, the physics of it all - probably the best curling sim you'll play for a long long time.

Actually, that would be the *only* curling sim I'd ever play :o!

While Wii Sports Resort sounds lame right now to me, I'll probably end up buying it when there's a really good game available that uses the MotionPlus. Besides, Wii Sports games are always fun to play with the family.

The Sims 3

Do they still allow mods like The Sims 2 where you can use items other people create on freeware sites?

I'm honestly not sure! I know that you can import stuff like new houses, characters, and item designs created by other users directly into your game from the Sims exchange. I never really got into that, I guess.

What are you currently reading?

Currently reading two books, Bram Stoker's Dracula and a biography of Abraham Lincoln. Dracula's boring, I'm probably gonna quit reading it. Lincoln is very interesting though, only because the biography describes so many shortcomings with the guy (one of the minor ones- very socially awkward around the fairer sex!)

Questions you always wanted to ask other members, but felt too lazy or awkward to do so.

I pronounce Feld's name as "Fieldsnatch"

I pronounce it like "Fehld-SCHLAWCKE-tuh, the Fourth".

So, everyone, I have a question pertaining to your preffered play styles.

1) Your characters have pre-determined archetypes (warrior, mage, archer, etc.) with little or no ability to alter the set of skills assigned to that archetype. Example: World of Warcraft, Everquest, etc, other D&D style games.

I like this the most. When I think of this, I think of more "traditional" RPGs. In a game with multiple party members, it's simple and fun. If the game is made well, it's like the game designer promises you that, if you spend a little time leveling up and you're clever enough to figure out some of the tougher boss fights, you can win in the end. There is much less advantage to spending a lot of time figuring out how to GROW YOUR TEAM, and you can focus on just playing the game and enjoying the story. And yeah, I do like having stories in the RPGs I play... so I'm not too crazy about Dragon Quest games :).

As a counterexample, when I play Final Fantasy Tactics, I really wish I could enjoy the game. It does feel kind of rewarding doing well at the game when all your plans come to fruition and you're just kicking ass and taking names. However, I enjoy games a lot more if I feel less pressure to study up on GameFAQs about job prerequisites and the like, and just go exploring for myself.

It's definitely a personal thing, and I'd admit that I may enjoy FFT more if I would try playing the game without using strategy guides or tips to create an ultimate team of badass killers.

What is the best thing about being a woman?

To the ladies of gamemaking:

What is the best thing about being a woman (game designer)? Is it the prerogative to have a little fun?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


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