Keyboard Speed (WPM)

86wpm with 1 mistake. I'm actually pretty pleased with this, because I never bothered learning proper keyboarding technique but just do henpecking with my index fingers and thumbs. However, I think I'll bother with a basic keyboarding course before finishing grad school, only because some people feel it's unprofessional to type without using proper keyboarding.

I wanna be the guy!

I like watching YouTube videos of cruel platformers, but I hate actually playing them :-\.


Sounds like a great rental, hehe. I will enjoy killing hordes of baddies with my LASER FEET for a few days, then return the game and not experience any dreadful buyer's remorse. Hooray ;D!

The Emulation Debate

I like to use emulators if I can't play the game legally, either because it's too hard to find or it's prohibitively expensive. For example, I wouldn't have a problem downloading and playing Earthbound on an emulator, since it's not available for Virtual Console (and seems unlikely due to copyright issues..) and I really don't have the extra money to buy a new SNES and an Earthbound cartridge to play. My bigger dilemma is that I can't seem to find a good place to download any ROMs anymore, hehe.

As for games on the Virtual Console, I don't play them on emulators but purchase them for the Wii. This is because I feel the price is fair, and because I like playing games on a TV, not a computer monitor. I might consider emulating a game I've already purchased only if I want to specifically run it on the compy while doing something else on the Wii... like if I wanted to play RotTK (an old SNES version!) while playing Mario between turns. But that doesn't really feel likely for me anyways 8).

Horrible Game Endings

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Halo games have terrible beginnings and middles as well.
They have nice boxart!

Hahahaha. Halo 3 was the first one whose campaign I played... and I feel the same way. Great multiplayer though of course.

Asalieri- I felt the same way. Actually, I really enjoyed the first half of EB, but it kind of tapered off for me after you meet Brickroad the Dungeonmaster for the second time, then go into the swamp... And yeah, too sad about what DIDN'T end up happening :-X.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I rented both Trauma Center: New Blood and Lost Planet over the weekend. TC:NB is a lot of fun, but I'm stuck at the end of chapter 2 with the burn victim.

Lost Planet's a pretty fun game; the storyline's kind of lame, like a bad imitation of Metal Gear Solid (with a badazz hero named WAYNE, hehe), but the action itself is usually pretty good. The only problem is that the difficulty feels inconsistent (I'm playing on Normal); sometimes I'll just breeze through sections of the game and pick up 999 rounds of ammo, no sweat, but othertimes the game gets stupid-hard and kills me 20 times in a row. Maybe it's my fault for reaching checkpoints without arriving with enough ammo and heat, but I feel like it just gets uneven quickly. I'm looking forward to replaying some of the missions though, like for killing the big giant critters that are optional :).

Living Spaces.

I love living away from my parents. I moved out when I first went to college; I moved into the dorms and cried a little I think (I know, real men don't cry, I'm a pansy, yada yada yada), but I got into it soon. I moved into a dry-house frat for awhile... yeah... but now I got a house with some other dudes and it's awesome. The only thing I dislike is that my roommates don't use words when we disagree on something like who's turn it is to take out the garbage can. Lately, we've allowed for an impressive mountain of garbage to pile up in it, such that it's leaning against the wall at the moment.

Anyways, my main thought: living on your own may cost more, but you're purchasing a certain amount of happiness, and maybe that will help you do better with college or a career. I didn't really have the option of living with my family, but I'm glad I got the chance to move out.

Also, I wouldn't like to own an apartment of my own... I like having roommates. I'd have to live close to neighbors of about the same age or career type, people I could become friends with. And I'd still probably want to get a small dog or something :-\.

Fashion, Style, and how much you spend on it.

I don't do much for style really. I'm not above buying trendy t-shirts if they're for things that I adore, like the classic Legend of Zelda t-shirt they were selling at Wal-Mart. My family likes to buy me trendy shirts for things like alcohol and the TV show The Office, and I guess I wear those. As a college student and a frat member I've also accumulated many t-shirts that way (college is all about free t-shirts); I feel like I've got too many at this point.

I'm a fan of those khaki shorts where they have the strings at the waist and near the knees that you can tie into knots or just let loose. I like to let them loose. I look unique in those because nobody else bothers to look like an idiot ;).

Freedom... Part II

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I have a reasonable amount of self discipline, so such a program would be useless to me. That said, I should make a Windows version of it called EXPENSIVE.

Hehehe. That app is a good story.

I dunno; I'd give this app a shot. I tend to go off on tangents when doing homework on the computer and checking miscellaneous articles on Wikipedia when I get the chance. However, I don't think it would be useful most of the time for me, because I often need the Internet to look up information for articles I'm writing, or else I'm studying textbooks away from the computer. I could only see this as useful when I'm studying my electronic flash cards for classes.

Your Game Sucks

Craze, I feel like I have the same problem; I have a short attention span with amateur games that seem too conventional, doing near-imitations of the games that the creators enjoy. Heck, I used to play lots of indie games, but now I kind of reserve my time for more creative, shorter RPGs.

I feel like this is kind of my own "fault" (if it's anybody's fault), however, just for wanting something that there isn't necessarily a lot of. I think the gamemaking community can be healthier with a bunch of people making games they love, based off games they're imitating, rather than banging their heads against the wall for unique ideas (which, I think, would cause some to stop gamemaking altogether).

And it's honestly a bit harsh to tell someone their game sucks because 50 other games have done the same thing. There can be a bunch of games that are really, intrinsically good even if they all seem lame by way of comparison with one another. If a person makes a really good game (or, more likely, just a demo) for him or herself, that person ought to feel a sense of accomplishment.