If you had to make the next Sonic game...

I would murder all of the cutesy little friends of Sonic that the bastard Sonic Team has created over years of work.

Okay... keep Tails, and maybe Knuckles for one stage. I'd want a game with a stripped-down storyline that doesn't involve princesses or genies or six categories of magical crystals. Just a lot of fast fast motion, cool boss fights, and fun stage secrets.

Soo... maybe a WiiWare release? Nah, just kidding, that's just for family party-game shovelware.

How long should demos be?

I like 2-4 hours. I prefer a specific time limit rather than certain percentage of the game, like 25-75%.

Of course, the thing with 'demos' is that they're really just early, incomplete releases, which means something different than 'game demo' like with commercial games... I feel like the main purpose of releasing a demo is to gather feedback on what doesn't work and hopefully feel inspired to keep working away at the game. That's why it's good to set arbitrary limits in hours and minutes, not percentages.


... scary game? Scary games scare me, I hate that :-[.

Can someone clarify what kind of scary this is? Like, it's not anything like flash images of bloody hors d'oeuvres and grizzly bears and then people screaming, like that Schizophrenzy game off AdultSwim?

I like fun platformers, but not scary games so much... I'm a wimp, I know.

Metroid Prime Trilogy for Wii

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tl;dr Metroid Prime 1 + Metroid Prime 3 controls == yes


I am also very excited. I didn't own a GameCube and never hassled with MP 1 & 2 because I thought they wouldn't be as fun as MP3 with its control scheme. I'm very excited to play those games now with the new controls, even if the graphics will look a little fugly by today's standards.

Harvest Moon

I loved playing Harvest Moon 64 for the Nintendo 64; I remember I made a priority of ordering both HM64 and Ogre Battle 64 online when I couldn't find them locally. I really wanted HM64 because I remembered reading about HM in Nintendo Power and couldn't find that game anywhere.

I also downloaded the original HM on the Wii, but I've had trouble getting into it. I'm not sure why; is it just me, or are all the women given different names between the two games? Maybe that would be it.

I also downloaded Harvest Moon DS... but I thought it sucked. I hated having to order crap over the phone from cool people I recognized from HM64, rather than going into town and meeting them. The little sprites were neat for taking care of the farm, but it changed the gameplay too much from what I liked about HM64.

Soo... by default, I guess my favorite HM was HM64 :P. Also, I always went for the richie-rich barmaid chick that wanted to move to the big city.

Punch Out!! - For the Wii

I wasn't interested in this game at first because I felt it looked plain, but now I'm more interested.. Still, I'm hesitant because I never beat the original Punch-Out!! because I was so bad at it :-\.

What's a better title then 'Hi'?

YES to Fallout ;D! And James Bond isn't half-bad either. Welcome to the boards.

Downloading Music Illegally

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Incidentally, I have to buy all my Christian music with dollars, either because all the Christians are too good for torrenting or the music is too fugly for most ears :D.

I resent that. >:( There's TONS of good christian music out there!

I refuse to believe you until you start torrenting all of your Christian music so that I can steal it. If you're not a big fibbing fibberty-fibber then you had better prove your honor by enabling my deceitful actions. Ho ho ho.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I ought to be studying for my final exam tomorrow morning, but Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen is amazing. I am surprised I'm enjoying it as much as I am, but then again, I loved OB64 when that came out.

Also, the final boss in Milon's Doki Doki Adventure is hard. After I hit him 15 times, then 20 times in his second form, and then he didn't die but became harder, well, I laughed and shut the game off >:(.

The most messed up thing I have ever read.

Max, can you please post a link to the original article online?

Pretty startling tactics... but, I guess if they feel their enemy really needs to be beaten no matter what, even if that involves ignoring what their own faith says and treating a bunch of people as means and not ends...